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inflatable paddle board

Learn SUP Skills

Before you head out on the water for the first time , it's helpful to know how topaddleboard and what accessories to bring To get started paddle boarding .

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How To Get Geared Up To SUP

 just a few skills will ensure you don’t end up paddling in circles. A few helpful tips for your first SUP outing.

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inflatable paddle board

Types Of Paddle Boards

inflatable paddle board
inflatable paddle board

All-around paddle boards

inflatable paddle board

High-performance paddle boards

Product Features

4-Point Front Bungee

The bungee cord allows paddlers to bring along their necessities securely on the SUP board.

Textured Footpad

The EVA footpad is brushed and soften to provide a gentle feel of traction for paddle boarders to standon the SUP board comfortably and confidently.

High-Quality Valve

The valve is tested to make sure it's 100% air-tight before leaving the factory . Through it , the GoosehiSailor inflatable SUP board can be pumped to up to 20PSI in less than 10 minutes.

Convenient Center Handle

Paddlers can use the handle in the center to easily and comfortably take the Goosehill Sailor inflatablepaddle board to anywhere they want thanks to the light weight of the SUP.

Detachable Center Fin

The center fin helps to provide better stability for the SUP and can be removed for easier transportation and storage.

inflatable paddle board
inflatable paddle board

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inflatable paddle board


inflatable paddle board


Global SUP spot

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inflatable paddle board

SUP tips

Stand-up paddle boarding—or any paddling—isn’t rocket science! But as with any activity, there are tips and tricks that’ll make it a whole lot easier to get you started and having fun right out of the gate.

Balancing Tips for Beginners

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inflatable paddle board

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