goosehill paddle board
goosehill paddle board

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37 Procedures,Ultimate Pursuit of Quality

All of our boards are handcrafted to give you the best quality paddleboards and SUP experience possible. It takes a total of 37 steps to make one board. Each paddle board is made one at a time into a truly unique work of art.

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Safety Tips

SUP boards make most stretches of water or coastline your new playground‚ which is one of the great reasons to get into paddle boarding. However, no matter whether it's your first time out or if you're a seasoned professional, to ensure you stay safe when on the water . it is important to carry out a few important SUP Safety checks.

Pay attention to the weather

Do You Need a Life Jacket to Paddle Board?

Something You Need to Know About Protecting Your Feet

Potential Risk of Paddle Boarding and How to Avoid Them

Social Distancing - SUP Paddling Tips

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