10 Most Beautiful Rivers in the World

Rivers make for great vacation destinations. They offer recreational opportunities as well as beautiful views. Below are our top picks for the world’s most beautiful rivers. If you are looking for a place to spend your vacation, you should be able to find an ideal place in this list.


  1. Hudson, New York

Hudson River Valley is a great destination for a getaway. The magnificent views are consist of mountains and natural beauty surrounding the Hudson River Valley. And there are literally thousands of attractions you can visit along the river. Playland Amusement Park, United States Military Academy, Mohonk Mountain House, just to name a few.

Hudson River New York

  1. Tara River, Montenegro

The Tara River is deep in the forest, running through the northern mountains of Montenegro’s Durmitor National Park. It’s one of the world’s last free-flowing rivers, meaning you won’t find any dams buit on it. You will be able to sail long the river and see the magnificent scenery the river offers.

Tara River, Montenegro

  1. Loire River, France

The Loire River flows through the valley which is known as the “Garden of France”. With that said, you know what you are in for when you start the journey. Along the way you will find some extravagant castles and fortresses, palaces and playhouses.

Loire River, France

  1. Futaleufú River, Patagonia, South America

The Futaleufú originates in the Los Alerces National Park and crosses the Argentina-Chile border. The river runs through a valley that’s so beautiful that the locals refers to it as “a landscape painted by God.”


  1. River Spree, Germany

Many great cities in the world are built on the bands of rivers, and that’s the case with Berlin. The River Spree is the mother stream of Berllin and flows through the Saxony and Brandenburg. Along the river there are numerous notable structures.

river spree germany berlin
  1. The Duoro, Portugal

Duoro is not as famous as other rivers in Europe but still worth checking out. It’s an underrated river that deserve more attention and fame. The best way to see the beauty of the river is to take a cruise on the river. Along the river you will see wine houses, bridges, historic architecture and hill top villages.

The Duoro, Portugal

  1. Río Cahabón, Guatemala

The signiture tranquil emerald waters are just amazing to cruise on. Visitors can also expect waterfalls, water caves, raging rapids, and limestone pools while cruising on the river. Alongside the riverbanks you will also find hot springs where you can enjoy a refreshing bath.

Río Cahabón, Guatemala

  1. The Rhine, Europe

The Rhine is considered by many as the most picturesque river in Europe. The river flows through six countries - Austria, Germany, France, Liechtenstein, Netherlands, and Switzerland. If you can’t pick a place to start the cruise, there are plenty of cruise companies offering various kinds of cruises which showcases the beauty and history of river Rhine.

The Rhine, Europe

  1. The Danube,Europe

Another famous river in Europe, it has been an inspiration for numerous music, novels and poems. Along the two sides of the river are rolling hillsides, lush vineyards and medieval castles, all contributing to the unique charm of this river.

  1. The Volga, Russia

The Volga is the largest river in Europe. Extending from the Valdai Hills for 3500 kms into the Caspian Sea, Volga is huge and home to a wide variety of wildlife. In its basin are 50 million people, which is one-third of the Russian population.

The Volga, Russia


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