SUP Pump - Maunal VS Electric - Which One is Better?

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1. Pump Size
2. Electric Pump Vs Hand Pump
2.1 Manual Pump
2.2 Electric Pump


    For inflatable stand-up paddleboards, a SUP pump is an indispensable piece of equipment because you have to inflate the board before you can enjoy a relaxing float. Next I will analyze the size and type of inflatable pump for you one by one to help you quickly choose the right inflatable pump for you. Let's see what kind of pump is your favorite!

    Pump Size

      All of the pumping times and amounts depend on the size of the board (length, width, thickness) which equates to the amount of air you want to pump. Many of the popular surfboards available today are 190 to 220 liters. While some boards can be inflated to 25PSI, for most of us this is more than enough.

      Electric Pump Vs Hand Pump

        (1)Manual pump

        Single action manual pump

          It is one of those offered in the all-inclusive package. This system delivers air only when the piston is pressed. It is the most economical and is generally found in entry priced full packs (SUP + pump + paddle).

          The biggest disadvantage is that it is slower and takes the longest to inflate. In addition, at the end of the inflation process, the last pumping is more difficult than the first because of the high pressure. You will need to use your body weight on the pump to be able to push down on the piston to counteract the resistance.

           single action pump

          Double action manual pump

            Unlike single action hand pump above, this one sends air both when the piston is lowered and when it is pulled up. The result is a time savings that typically allows for a 30% reduction in inflation time.

            Note that when you reach the second half of the inflation process, lifting the handle is more difficult than lowering it, and unlocking a knob allows the pump to use power only when pushing down on the handle as the pressure increases. This switch is equivalent to making the pump switch to a single-action stand up paddle board pump, and the second half of the inflation time will be a little longer.

             sup pump

            Triple action manual pump

              A triple-action pump can be much more efficient than a double-action type. An additional piston is added to the double-action type, which can be filled with twice as much air. As a result, inflation is much faster and saves 30% of time compared to a double action pump. When you start inflating your board, you must first use the double-action mode on both pistons.

              Then, when inflation becomes more difficult, you can simply go to single-action mode on both pistons. Finally, when inflation becomes too tiring, you can end up with single-action mode on just one of the pistons, which will extend the inflation time a bit at this point.

               triple pump

              (2)Electric SUP pump

              Inflatable sup electric pump, as the name implies, use electricity to inflate SUP. You could say that it allows you to finish inflating without much effort. Just plug it in, set the pressure you want on the dial, and your SUP will be inflated in 10 minutes. Of course, it will also be more expensive than a manual pump.

              Also, you have to keep the engine running to avoid draining your battery. Electric pumps are available with on-board charging or with a separate battery, but the latter is more expensive.

               sup electric pump

                When you are clear about the role of the principle of inflation and the type, think about what to buy an inflatable pump? If you have enough budget, using an electric pump is definitely the best choice to save time. If you use your inflatable surfboard often, the extra time and effort you spend on manual pumping will increase.

                An electric pump can get you in the water in minutes instead of half an hour or more. While the dual-chamber, double-acting and even triple-acting hand pumps described here are also faster ways to inflate your board, there's still no denying that manual inflation can take a considerable amount of time and effort. So, understandably, many paddlers think an electric pump will work better than a manual pump.

                Of course, electric pumps also have the disadvantage of the extra noise produced by electric pumps, so use them with others in mind.


                  After you’ve found the perfect pump, charge onto the water for a fantastic day of paddle boarding!

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