Travel Safety Tips that Everyone Should Know

Table of Contents
1. Do Your Research Before Traveling
2. Keep Your Family and Friends Updated
3. Stash Your Cash When Traveling
4. Learn Common Travel Scams
5. Beware of Falling into the Water
6. Be Alert to Strangers
7. Watch Your Drinks and Drink Responsibly

We should know that traveling is not only stepping out from your home and wandering around. There are a lot of things behind it which you must take seriously. Such as safety, which is an important part of your travel preparations and the whole journey.

It’s natural to have questions, concerns and even fears about safety travel. Don’t worry, it’s nothing you can’t handle with a little preparation, precaution and common sense. Here we are sharing with you a quick travel safety guide. Simply follow these travel safety tips to avoid getting into trouble and make your trip a memorable one.

Do Your Research Before Traveling

Whenever possible, research your destination ahead of time. Do a Google search and scan recent news for situations that may impact your travel safety and security, like weather or unrest. What are common safety risks and what scams are prevalent in that country?

Many countries have their own local customs, traditions, and distinct cultures that may differ from what you are used to. Doing research will help you to feel more comfortable and confident when traveling to a new country.

Another important travel security precaution is to know whom to call in an emergency. Get the contact information for the nearest embassy or consulate, police station, and other local emergency.

do research

Keep Your Family and Friends Updated

No matter whether you’re going, on an overnight jaunt or a month-long international journey, it’s always a good idea to let friends or family know. Include the address and phone number of your accommodations and transportation information, and update them to any changes of plans.

I know this can seem like a hassle, but ultimately it's better to be safe than sorry. That way, if they don’t hear from you for a few days after you’re supposed to return, these available information can help speed up the process of finding you.

keep updated

Stash Your Cash When Traveling

Travel safety and money go hand in hand, avoid revealing large wads of cash when traveling. Pickpocketing and theft are very common in many parts of the world, and they can leave you vulnerable if stolen. Open an account with an international bank or credit card company so you can use local ATMs.

If you have to use large amounts of cash, leave the bulk of it locked up safely in your luggage and carry only what you'll need for the day. Our backup credit card and our emergency cash should all in separate pockets and places, just in case. This way, even if we’re robbed while out and about, one of us will still have a card and some cash tucked away somewhere!


Learn Common Travel Scams

Travelers run the risk of becoming potential targets for scammers, especially if you don’t speak the language or are unfamiliar with the culture. You'll be less likely to fall for these scams if you've heard about them ahead of time. Thus, it’s necessary do your research about local scams beforehand. This will help you to tackle a difficult situation and save you some priceless memories and no doubt, some money too. If someone does approach you, it’s okay to walk away or disengage if they make you feel uncomfortable.


Beware of Falling into the Water

Canoe and kayak traveling have been around for a long time. Paddle board traveling offers a unique spin on those more traditional travel styles. You will be surprised that so many wonderful things are gathered together, camping in a quiet place, enjoying the gentle water and roaming between different shores. However, anything that involves water can become inherently dangerous if safe practice isn’t followed.

Leash and PFD are important tools in stand up paddle board safety. Wearing life vests or jackets are proven to save lives and the leash can keep you connected to your board at all times. Besides, look for signs of rocks, fallen trees, coral, or any other possible visible obstruction that could potentially be hazardous to a paddle boarder, these areas of water can be very dangerous.


Be Alert to Strangers

Beware the sudden appearance of beautiful strangers or even average-looking strangers. They are not your friends and completely new to you. To be kind to strangers, but don’t compromise your strength either. Sometimes, they simply try to sell you something. Or, they even rob you.

Usually, you will find people asking you about your travel plans like where are you going, how are you going, and many other details. You can take suggestions from them but never share your details. If someone does ask, rather than be rude, you can be vague about an area of town rather than the name of your hotel.


Watch Your Drinks and Drink Responsibly

Lots of people enjoy exploring the local nightlife while traveling, and there's nothing wrong with that. But it’s even more important to know your limits, when to stop, and when to go home. Drinking too much alcohol can slow your reactions, lower your inhibitions, and make you less aware of potential danger, which makes you an easy target for scams or fraud, robbery, or even worse.

Never forget the golden rule of safe drinking in public: don’t leave your drink unattended, keep an eye on your drink at all times! It’s easy for someone to slip a pill inside when you aren’t looking. If something doesn’t seem right, or if a situation is making you uncomfortable, get to a safe place as soon as you can.



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