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8 Common Travel Problems and Their Solutions
Travelling is not always glamorous, at some point, problems might come up. You might encounter problems that could ruin the trip and it's important to know how to properly deal with them.
How to Call for Help at Sea?
Learn different ways you can use to call for help at sea in this post.
Different Ways to Get Back on Your Inflatable Paddle Board After Falling In
For a paddler, falling in is basically inevitable. At some point, you are bound to fall into the water. So it’s important to know how to climb back onto your board, which is not that easy as most people would...
Travel Safety Tips that Everyone Should Know
Travelling is one of the most enjoyable things one can do, but it doesn't mean it's safe all the time. There are a few things you should know to keep yourself safe when you travel.
Things Not to Do with a SUP Board - Beginner Paddle Boarding Tips
You can do a lot of things with an inflatable paddle board. You can take it out for cruising, yoga, fishing and more. But there are a few things you should know if you just start to learn how to paddle board. Below are several common mistakes found frequently in beginners. Try and avoid them next time you get out on the water.
Safety Tips for Paddle Boarding in the Rain
This post shows you some practical safety tips for when you paddle in the rain.
How to Protect Yourself from the Sun When Paddle Boarding
Learn what you can do to protect yourself from the sun when paddle boarding on a sunny day in this post.
7 Must Know paddle board fishing tips - Best Fishing SUPs review

Fishing on a paddle board is a fun way to fish. SUP fishing is getting more and more popular among anglers. If you are interested, check out these helpful tips on SUP fishing to help you get the hang of it.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding Yoga Basics - Best Yoga SUPs Review
Introduction to SUP yoga. Includes everything you need to know about SUP yoga.
How to Paddle a SUP Correctly
Table of contents 1.Parts of a Stand Up Paddle Boarding Paddle 2.How to Hold Your SUP Paddle Correctly 2.1.Get the Right Length 2.2.Face the Blade Correctly2.3.Hand Positions2.4.Push and Pull3.Paddling forward and turning your board 3.1.Paddle Forward3.2.Turn Your Board Paddling is...
SUP Pump - Maunal VS Electric - Which One is Better?
For inflatable stand-up paddleboards, an inflatable pump is an indispensable piece of equipment because you have to inflate the board before you can enjoy a relaxing float. Next I will analyze the size and type of inflatable pump for you one by one to help you quickly choose the right sup pump for you. Let's see what kind of pump is your favorite!
Taking Care of Your Inflatable SUP

Paddle boarding is a great hobby to keep you occupied during the heat of summer. inflatable paddle boards are also an investment. The outdoor elements can wreak havoc on your SUP if you’re not careful, so taking care of your SUP board is crucial to ensure it lasts for many years and provide you with extra years of paddling. It doesn’t take much time or effort, but it’s certainly worth it. By taking the following tips into consideration, you will be well on your way to prevent these and other elements from harming your beloved paddle board.

6 Tips for Traveling with SUP
The holidays are here again. For many, this means joining millions of other travelers to visit friends, family, or getting away to somewhere warm. An avid surfer always wants to bring their paddle board along whenever they travel. While incredible portability and durable construction mean inflatable boards are made for exploring anywhere you want to go. But what should you pay attention to when traveling with your own inflatable paddle board? To make your adventure pleasurable and overcome all transport difficulties, read on for some helpful tips.
10 Rumor about Inflatable SUP Boards
SUP is indeed a interesting and an increasingly popular sport adopted by most holiday lovers over the last decade. However, there have been many myths and misinformation surrounding inflatable paddle boards. You may think paddling is dangerous, expensive, and hard to learn. In this article, we will debunk all the myths you might think are true about stand-up paddle boarding. Know the truth about the sport so that everyone can try this sport with an open mind and an eager heart. Have fun learning this sport with your friends! 
How to Repair A SUP Puncture - Paddle Board Repair

Each of our SUP packages comes with a repair kit. Let’s go over what’s inside. First as you open up your repair kit, the largest item is going to be your valve wrench. Now the valve wrench only has one application. That’s either to tighten or or loosen or repair your valve. This is not to be used to deflate your board.


What To Know Before Buying A Kids SUP - Kids paddle boards reviews
Paddle boarding is popular now and if you like paddle boarding and you have kids, you might want to take them with you. It’s a great way for bonding and to get them off their electronics.
Top 5 SUP Events In the World - Paddle Boarding Race
As the popularity of paddleboarding is growing continuously, more SUP events are being held around the world. If you are a paddle boarding enthusiast, you shouldn't miss these wonderful SUP races.

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