4 of The Best Places to Go Paddle Boarding in Europe

When we talk about paddle boarding or other general water sports, Europe might not be the first place you’ll think of as the best option. Generally, Hawaii, which is considered to be where paddleboarding originated and Australia, a country surrounded by the ocean, is the most trending destinations when it comes to paddle boarding and they are well known globally for this spectacular sport.

But it doesn’t mean you can’t find a nice paddling spot in Europe. The fact is Europe is loaded with amazing destinations where you can go for a relaxing paddle boarding vacation. Apart from paddling, Europe comes with spectacular landmarks and scenery and lovely towns which you shouldn’t miss. There are calmer waters for paddlers or passenger to enjoy paddling and sharpening your paddling skill as well as eye-catching landscapes to broaden your horizon. You can also find warm beaches to enjoy paddle boarding on the ocean. Remember to put on a wet suit to better enjoy the waves. If what you seek is a unique trip to Europe, just bring your paddle board and get ready for a special trip on the water. Below are several places to find spectacular spots for you to enjoy paddle boarding.

  1. Ireland

It doesn't matter if you are an experienced paddler or an amateur, Ireland has all kinds of tourist spots that have challenging waves for paddlers to embark on an exciting SUP session. These waves seem to be always available regardless of the seasons so always ensure that you get the best wetsuit. Bundoran is an amazing paddling place in Europe since it has good weaves together with the unique Irish culture. Well, if you are searching for the best place to sharpen your paddling skills, then you’ve come to the right place because the area has waves which can match the abilities of any paddler.

 Ireland paddleboarding

Another spot to check out is Sligo. In Sligo, you are able to find some advanced level paddlers and they are always ready to help whenever you need. Riding on the nice waves is an amazing SUP experience you wouldn’t forget.

Other SUP spots in Ireland Include Clew Bay, Leane, Killary Harbour, Dolly mount, Royal canal, Old head, Clifden, Lough, and Inisbofin.

  1. Spain

Another place where you can never be wrong with paddling is Spain. Spain is a country that is filled with spectacular places for SUP enthusiasts to ride their SUP on, relax and eat good food from the Spanish culture. It is really something else. Here are several hot paddling spots in Spain:

Spain paddle boarding spots

La Zurriola Beach-Located in San Sebastian, the beach is a spot SUP enthusiasts shouldn’t miss. It has some of the most loved beaches, great paddling spots, and rich cultures accompanied by the good nightlife. Furthermore, this beach is considered as the most consistent here in Europe. If you love stand up paddle boarding, then you are in for an unforgettable paddle boarding experiences here.

Mundaka-Mundaka has great waves and it's also considered the best place to go paddle boarding in Europe. Being surrounded by mountains and forests, Mundaka is just mysterious and interesting to visit.

Zarautz Beach- This is another spot that you will really love. This area has the longest beach in the whole of Spain. Other places to go paddling include Mallorca, Menorca, and Majorca.

  1. Norway

Most people didn’t know that Norway’s actually got some wonderful paddle boarding spots. The country is considered to be secluded and raw but there are indeed several nice places to paddle board in Norway. 

 Norway paddle boarding spots

It doesn't matter if you are an amateur or a pro, Norway is the best place that you can paddle while living around the Scandinavian nations. Although paddling spots here are located in fairly remote areas and you might need to drive for a long time to get there, but the waves are good and they are worth the long shot. The Vangsvatnet lake located in Voss Centre would be a good spot to start.

  1. Portugal

Taking a vacation to paddle in Portugal can be an unforgettable trip. The paddling spots here are magnificent and riding on a SUP can be really fun in here. From Peniche, going all the way to Ericeira you will find it to be a lovely fishing town. Take your time to select the best spot go to paddling.


Cantinho da Baia in Peniche offers surfers the best surfing experiences. It also makes a great place for paddle boarding if you want a rather exciting session of paddleboarding. The paddling always starts slow, but as it speeds up and reaches its peak it’ll give you a wild experience. Additionally, there are so many historic towns here to explore such as Fort Sao Pedro, and also Nossa dos Remedy Sanctuary.

Ericeira has Foz do Lizandro Beach for you to have fun with your inflatable SUP especially in Summer. There are only three World Surd Reserves and Ericeira is one of them and the only one in Europe. There are so many activities which take place along the coastline apart from paddling.Paddle boarding is the number one activity here in Ericeira.

A lot of the tourist spots have been known by many paddlers and tourist around the world. Each of these places is ready to offer you an unparalleled paddle boarding experience. If you are bored with the regular SUP boarding spots like a river or a lake, go find yourself a new spot, take your SUP board along with necessary SUP paddle board accessories with you and head out for a paddleboarding experience of a lifetime. Or if you haven't tried the sport yet, it's never too late to start. Remember that a suitable SUP board would go a long way to making your paddling experience easy and enjoyable. Get your board from trusted brands like Goosehill Sport SUP to have the best paddling experience.