7 of the Best Paddle Boarding Destinations in Florida

Florida's got all the beautiful waterways and scenic spots to make it a paradise for paddlers. It’s great fun to go on adventures in a new, strange place once in a while. And in Florida, you can always find a new paddle boarding spot when you are ready to move on from an old location. Here are several hotspots in Florida you can go to paddle board.

1. Destin Harbor

    Located in Northwestern Florida, Destin is known for its friendly charm, dazzling nightlife, and clear still waters. Millions of tourists visit this destination to enjoy a plethora of water activities, including fishing. For people who like paddle boarding, Destin FL offers unmatched views of aquatic wildlife, and a chance to see alligators in one of the many bayous. This is a fantastic spot for paddlers of all levels of experience. With clear still waters, even beginners can have a blast.

    Destin Harbor

    Best time to visit Destin, Florida
    The best time to visit Destin is in April and May. In these two months, you will have warm water, comfortable temperatures, and sunshine to enjoy an unforgettable SUP trip. If you come in the earlier month you are probably going to experience cold weather and chilly water. In summer the weather is great but it's also the time when all other tourists are also coming to Destin and the hotel prices will also be higher than usual.

    2. Islamorada

    This collection of six islands in the south of Florida mainland has lots to offer for paddlers. From blooming coral reefs with diverse saltwater creatures and mangrove bays to its variety of sceneries, there is something for every type of paddler. If you are an adrenaline junkie, you can choose a paddling adventure in which you can get a good look at trunkfish, sharks, and stingrays. Alternatively, you can explore Snake Creek for a more serene and quiet paddling experience with your SUP.


    Best time to visit Islamorada
    Islamorada gets busy from December through May for being the perfect escape from cold weather and snow in other places. With that being said, your expense on hotels and other vacation rentals will be higher than other times of the year. October and November are the two months with the least tourists. So if you don't like crowds, you can consider coming here for your SUP trip in these two months.

    3. Miami Beach

      Sitting right next to the state's capital are miles of breathtaking coastlines and still waters. On Miami Beach paddle boarding is more of a metropolitan experience that can complement your paddle boarding adventure. You get great views of the city skyline and extend your paddling until sunset for breathtaking color shows. You can venture further away from the city as you explore the historic mansion Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. And the cherry on top is night surfing, thanks to LED and neon light tours provided by SUP companies in the area.

      Miami Beach

      Best time to visit Miami Beach
      The best time to visit Miami Beach is between March and May. During this time of year you are offered with sunshine and comfortable temperatures. Also the vacation rates usually peak in winter, coming in spring can help you cut some corners. The subtropical climate of the area makes for a tourist hot spot that's a bit rainy and warm year-round.

      4. Bahia Honda State Park

        The Bahia Honda State Park is a part of the Florida Keys, giving the best of landscape and aquatic beauty. Because it's rather remote, you can enjoy a quiet paddle boarding experience amongst an array of wildlife, breathtaking landscapes, and sunsets. The waterways have kept a clear surface and still waters for a relaxed paddling experience without worrying about strong tides. On the shore, you can spot wading, shorebirds, and even manatees.

        Bahia Honda State Park Florida

        Best time to visit Bahia Honda State Park
        If you expect to go swimming in Bahia Honda State Park, the best month for that is December, the water temperatures are warm enough for you to swim comfortably in it. But it could get a bit rainy, too. So paddle boarding might not be the best thing to do in December in Bahia Honda State Park. For a SUP rider, the best months to pay a visit are March, April, May. The weather is nice for paddle boarding and basically all other outdoor activities. But if you can find a day with great weather in December, the place is also very nice for a SUP lover to enjoy the sport.

        5. Ten Thousand Islands

        Located on the southwest coast of Florida, Ten Thousand Islands is a magnificent collection of several hundred mangrove islets. This location is a great choice for all kinds of paddle boarding, including SUP yoga, SUP tours, SUP fishing, and recreational paddle boarding. You can access the islands in different ways, but most paddlers often paddle from the Visitor's Center to Sandfly Island. This is the most frequently visited island and it boasts of rich history and quaint homes. If you would like to spend more time on the island, you can camp for the night and continue your adventures the next day.

        Ten Thousand Islands

        Best time to visit Ten Thousand Islands
        From October to May it's usually drier and cooler and there will be less mosquitoes but more boats and people on camping tours. If you come here from June to September, arrange your SUP session to be in the morning because in the afternoon there will usually be thunderstorms or the hot temperatures will make the sport much less enjoyable.

        6. Jupiter

        Jupiter is located on the Atlantic coast and it is ranked 9th Happiest Seaside in America. For paddle boarding Jupiter has beautiful waters and rich wildlife to make a unique and unforgettable paddle boarding experience. You can take a paddle tour around the island and explore the rich wildlife including tropical birds, turtles, and even sharks. For people who long for a challenging experience with paddle boarding, Jupiter won’t let you down.

        Jupiter Florida


        Best time to visit Jupiter
        The best time to visit Jupiter, Florida is late fall and early winter. The weather at the time is usually very nice, not too hot and too humid. It's the best time for locals to get out of their house and enjoy the natural beauty of the city and tourists to better explore and experience the city.

        7. St. Augustine

          Paddleboarding around St. Augustine is an unmatched experience, especially for history buffs. Situated just off of Jacksonville on the Atlantic coast, St. Augustine is the oldest city and it has the breathtaking sights and historic remains to show for it. You can paddle around the island and get great views of firing cannons and muskets and later paddle to local spots for delicious food.

          St. Augustine Florida

          Best time to visit St. Augustine
          The best time to visit St. Augustine is between March and May. The temperatures are comfortable, the places are less crowded than peak seasons, and the expenses on hotels and airfare are lower.

          Florida is gifted with these spectacular spots for paddle boarding and if you are truly a fan of the sport, you shouldn’t miss them. And if you've never considered taking up paddle boarding, maybe it's time to give it a shot. The sport is easy, fun and engaging. And there are actually some health benefits of paddle boarding that you might not know. Get a suitable SUP board and head to these hotspots for a paddle boarding experience of a lifetime.

          If these recommendations are not enough to tickle your fancy, check out these paddle boarding spots in Hawaii. Hawaii is widely considered to be where paddle boarding originated, surely paddle boarding in there won't disappoint you. For beginners, get a SUP board from brands like Goosehill, redpaddle to have the best paddling experience.