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Paddle Boarding in Atlanta

You’d think in an inland city like Atlanta, it’s hard to find a place for stand up paddle boarding.

But the truth is, there are more places for stand up paddle boarding than you’d think in the city of Atlanta.

Atlanta is home to a lot of scenic lakes, waterways and rivers.

Here are some wonderful SUP spots to go paddle boarding in Atlanta.

If you enjoy stand up paddle boarding Atlanta is actually a nice place to go. To have the best SUP experience, be sure to get an inflatable paddleboard that best suits you. For a wonderful beginner paddle board, be sure to check out Goosehill Sailor All-around.

Goosehill inflatable paddle board

Lake Allatoona

There are a lot of spots surrounding Lake Allatoona that you can launch your board in. Toonigh Falls is just a few miles away so if you want to see something different and beautiful, this is the place to be. Also, consider taking a trip to the Little River Marina and you should be able to spot some wildlife on the way. The Red Top Mountain State Park borders Lake Allatoona and is a great place for a variety of recreational activities. You can spend the night and camp in the park and the park is a great place for star gazing. Popular choices of recreation other than standup paddle boarding include hiking, camping, and kayaking, etc.

Lake Allatoona

Stone Mountain Lake

On Stone Mountain Lake, motorized boats are not allowed, so you will only find kayaks, paddleboards and canoes on the water. If you want to make progress on your paddling skills, this would be a great destination for that. You can have the best view of Stone Mountain from the surface of the lake while paddling. Fishing is also a popular recreational activity here. The most common species you can find here are Bluegill, Largemouth Bass, and Black Crappie. One thing to note is that you are not allowed to swim in the lake so be careful and avoid crowds when you are paddling on the lake.

Stone Mountain Lake Atlanta Paddle Boarding

Morgan Falls Overlook Park

If you are new to paddle boarding Atlanta has Morgan Falls Overlook Park for you. Morgan Falls Overlook Park is a suitable choice for those who just start to paddle and want to sharpen their SUP skills. It has scenic views and a generally peaceful environment. The flat water is perfect for newbies to learn and improve their SUP skills. The lake is surrounded by 30 acres of lush green forest which is filled with all kinds of wildlife and foliage. Sunset at Morgan Falls Overlook Park is beautiful, be sure to check it out if you have the time.

Morgan Falls Overlook Park Atlanta paddle boarding

Lake Lanier

If you like relaxing on your paddleboard Atlanta has Lake Lanier for you. Lake Lanier is a popular destination for recreation. It’s the largest lake in Georgia so you are guaranteed to have lots of space. The water is mostly flat and calm so if you want to hone your paddling skills, this is the right place for you. Around the lake you can find some pretty nice camp sites for you to extend your stay. Paddle boarding is not the only option for water sports. Lake Lanier has some nice places for swimming, water skiing, boating and kayaking as well.

Lake Lanier Atlanta Paddle Boarding

In Atlanta paddle boarding is a very good option for recreation. You have a lot of places to paddleboard in Atlanta. If you enjoy the time on your inflatable paddleboard Atlanta can actually be an ideal place for you to have fun with your SUP board. If you enjoy recreational activities and group activities, paddle boarding is the kind of sport that can give you the best of both worlds. There are a lot of places in Atlanta and a lot of ways for you to have fun with your standup paddleboard. Most of the spots for paddle boarding in Atlanta we recommended have calm water, so even if you are not an experienced paddler, you can have fun. But if you need, here are some tips to help you paddle like a pro. With these skills you will set yourself apart from the newbies and improve quickly.

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