Best Places to Go Paddle Boarding in Scotland

People who love the outdoors would defintely love Scotland.

Being a world-famous destination for outdoor adventures, Scotland is the perfect place to look for wonderful SUP spots for you to enjoy a wondeful time on your paddle board.

If you love stand up paddle boarding Scotland is worth checking out.

Continue reading to find out where you can find the most wonderful places for stand up paddle boarding in Scotland.

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Nairn and Moray

If you are a paddler and a beach-goer, you are going to love the Moray coast. It’s where you can find some of the most beautiful beaches in Scotland for stand up paddle boarding. The calm harbours and the nice weather make it very suitable for leisure paddling and beginners to learn how to paddle board. Nairn offers two beaches and rivers for paddlers to have fun on their paddle board with their family or on their own. The waters are fairly shallow so it’s basically very safe to paddle in the area. You can rent the SUP equipment you need in the town if you are not bringing your own.

Nairn and Moray paddle boarding Scotland

Since we are talking about paddle boarding along the coast, you’d probably expect waves. If that’s what you are thinking, head to Lossiemouth where you can enjoy your SUP session and sharpen your SUP skills on the waves.

Paddlers who just want to have a nice and relaxed time on the water can head over to River Earn and River Isla while skilled paddlers or thrill seekers can find whitewater rapids in certain part of the River Tay.


Located in the center of Southern Scotland, Moffat used to attract tourists as a spa town. And now as stand up paddle boarding has become so popular, people have discovered some wonderful places to paddle on near Moffat, starting with the beautiful Loch of the Lowes. The leafy Loch Etrick is also worth checking out if you want a peaceful SUP session. SUP equipment rentals are available at Moffat SUP hire.

Moffat Scotland stand up paddle boarding

Perthshire and The Tay

You can find The Tay near Aberfeldy. It’s a popular location for stand up paddle boarding in Scotland so you will probably find other paddlers here as well. If you want to meet other SUP riders who like paddle boarding as much as you do, this is the place to be. And if you are just starting to learn how to paddle board, don’t be ashamed of falling frequently when you paddle here because the water is calm and there are probably other beginners nearby. You can also consider taking a guided lesson here to master the necessary SUP skills more quickly. SUP gear rentals can be found nearby so you don’t have to bring your own equipment if you don’t want to.

perthshire stand up paddle boarding Scotland

No matter if you are a beginner, an intermediate paddler or a skilled rider, you can find a place near Perthshire that suits your ability. Choices of SUP locations near Perthshire and Tayside include lochs, rivers and shorelines, etc. Be sure to pick the right place that you can handle.


You can find plenty of wonderful places for paddle boarding in Edinburgh. Top choices include Lochrin Basin and Edinburgh Quay where offer unique angles for you to view parts of Scotland’s capital. And beach goers are going to love the beach at Portobello as well as the beautiful and fairly calm water which allows you to have an enjoyable time on your inflatable paddle board.

Edinburgh Scotland paddle boarding

Head over to River Almond, you should be able to see the idyllic village of Cramond.

If you just want to relax, be sure to check out St Mary’s Loch. The calm waters of this ancient loch is perfect for enjoying your leisure time on an inflatable SUP board.

There are a lot more places you can go paddle boarding in the UK for you to discover. If you are visiting Scotland for stand up paddle boarding Scotland has some of the best SUP spots in the UK. Note that there are some areas that require a permit to paddle on so make sure you do your research properly before heading to your destination. Also, always wear a personal flotation device to keep yourself safe, safety always comes first. And last but not least, enjoy paddle boarding in Scotland.