Best SUP Spots in Italy - Top 6 Places That Worthy Visited

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2.Lago Di Bracciano
4.Lago Di Garda
5.Lake Como
6.San Pietro Island

Italy is on many people’s bucket list for a reason. It’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Most people come for the views and the culture, but Italy has more to offer than that.

Italy also has some wonderful spots where you can have a nice time paddle boarding on. Below are our top pick of the best stand up paddle boarding spots in Italy.

Top 6 Places for Paddle Boarding in Italy 

  1. Trieste

Trieste can be found in the north-east corner of Italy between the Adriatic sea and the Julian Alps. The sea is calm most of the time during the year except winter when the northeast wind can be pretty strong.

But when there’s no wind, it can be a great spot for stand up paddle boarding. It’s not that far away from the city center and you still get the green cliffs and mountains that can only be found in remote areas in other places. Other than SUP, you can also go on a ski mountaineering route if you have the time and energy.

 Trieste Italy paddle boarding

  1. Lago Di Bracciano

Bracciano Lake is very suitable for practicing your SUP skills. The lake and the town that it’s in are just a few miles away from Rome. When the lake is calm, it makes for a great SUP spot for SUP rookies to practice basic paddling skills. If you go on a windy day, the downwind condition can make your paddling session much more fun and challenging.

 Lago Di Bracciano Italy paddle boarding

  1. Oristano(Sardegna)

If you are a skilled SUP rider and up for a little SUP racing game or even surfing, be sure to check out the coast of Sardinia. You can find a lot of great SUP and surfing spots along the coastline of Sardinia.

For SUP activities like SUP racing, the gulf of Oristano would make a fine destination. The clear blue water is among the most beautiful you can find in Italy. Sometimes there will be wind blowing from the north creating a nice downwind situation for paddling from San Giovanni di Sinis to Oristano.

 Oristano Italy paddle boarding

  1. Lago Di Garda

Lake Garda is the biggest lake you can find in Italy. The Dolomites are right next to the lake so you can expect great views and landscapes when paddle boarding on the lake.

You can also choose to paddle by the side of the cliffs, it’s going to be a fun SUP experience. If you are a SUP newbie, beware of the wind which could be a challenge to or even endanger a beginner.

 Lago Di Garda Italy paddle boarding

  1. Lake Como

Lake Como lies in the mountains of Lombardy region in northern Italy. The beautiful view of quaint villages and idyllic villas on the green mountainsides makes it a pleasure to paddle on Lake Como. And that’s one of the reasons why it’s such a popular tourist destination.

The lake is suitable for all kinds of water sports you can think of. Paddle boarding, sailing, windsurfing, kayaking and a lot of other sports can be done here with no problem.

What’s great about paddling on Lake Como is that you can explore all the beauty and attraction of the lake in one day. The comunes on the lakeside offers docks, harbors or shorelines for paddlers to paddle up to and take a break on when needed.

 Lake Como Italy SUP paddling

  1. San Pietro Island

San Pietro Island offers you everything you could possible dream of going to an island in south-central Europe. Crystal clear waters, white-sand beaches, and the delicious coastal cuisine are all there waiting for you.

The amazing natural beauty and the magnificent landscapes make it a joy to paddle on it. You also get to explore the local landmarks like the Pigeon’s Cave and the Column.

 San Pietro Island Italy paddle boarding

Best time to visit Italy

The best time to visit Italy is probably in the spring which typically starts from April to June, or Autumn(September to October). During these times you can get nice weather and comfortable temperatures for paddling and exploring. And it won’t be as crowded and hot as when it’s in summer.

Winter is probably the only season you should avoid because it’s usually grey, wet and cold. If you are going to some tourist hot spots like Florence or Venice, you’ll need to book your hotel at least 4 months in advance.

There are a lot of places worth exploring in Italy and paddle boarding is an interesting and unconventional way to explore the country’s culture and beauty. It’s one of the best countries to go stand up paddle boarding in Europe. If you want to have a unique experience in Italy, be sure to try stand up paddle boarding. 

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