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Cornwall has a lot of beautiful beaches and bays which make it an ideal destination for paddleboarding enthusiasts. If you happen to live in Cornwall and are looking for ideas and advice on where to go paddle boarding in Cornwall, here’s what you need. We’ve picked out a few beautiful places where you’ll have fun SUPing in Cornwall.

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Cornwall paddle boarding

Best Cornwall paddle boarding spots

1. The River Helford

The mouth of the River Helford is the joining point of the Lizard to Cornwall. You can get to Flamouth Bay from here and paddle along with the tide which will get you to Gweek. The water is mostly calm so you can paddle comfortably here even if you are a novice who is just starting to learn how to paddle board. The coastline of Falmouth Bay is stunningly beautiful. If you are a beachgoer, you are going to love paddle boarding here in the Falmouth Bay. If you choose to stick to the river and paddle on one of the creeks, you might be able to spot some wading birds like oystercatchers and herons. A huge advantage of paddling here on the river is that the water is so beautiful you can not only paddle but also swim. Falling in wouldn’t be a problem like when you paddle on turbid waters.

cornwall paddle boarding

2. Padstow - The Camel Estuary

Padstow is a popular destination for all sorts of water sports like paddle boarding, kayaking, canoing and more.

cornwall paddle boarding

There’s an amazing one way trip to Gweek and you would be able to take advantage of the wind and tide to make paddling easier if you pick the right time.

3. Carbis Bay - St Ives

Paddlers who are also beachgoers would definitely love Carbis Bay. With golden sands and crystal clear waters, it offers you with everything you’d ever hope for on a beach. And you can have fun paddling here even if you are just a rookie paddler because there are basically no big waves that would knock you off your inflatable paddleboard.

cornwall paddle boarding

If you are driving there, be sure to come early as parking space is limited but the good thing is it’s very close to the beach. Another way to get here is to take the train from the St Ives Park.

While you are paddle boarding on the water, be ware of the rented powerboats as they might get in your way occasionally.

4. Maenporth - Falmouth

You can find this beautiful cove on the south side of Falmouth. It’s a ideal destination for those who are taking their whole familes to the beach. It’s not as crowded as the other beaches in Flamouth. And there are some rocky coves nearby which are terrific places to explore. If you want to stay longer, there are campsites nearby.

cornwall paddle boarding

5. St Michaels Mount

This is one of the most beginner-friendly spots you can find in Cornwall. The tide will hardly get in your way and cause trouble for your paddling session here so you can expect a very comfortable paddling experience. The route we recommend that you should try is from here to the Mount harbour. You can take a break and enjoy a hot coffee from the cafe while you are on the trip.

cornwall paddle boarding

If you like paddle boarding Cornwall is a place you can't miss. While you are out there, be sure to know what you are doing and take all the necessary safety measures.

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