The 5 Best Places for Paddle Boarding in Bristol

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1.River Avon
3.Seaton Bay
4.Warleigh Weir
5.Bristol Habour

Top 5 Places To Go Paddle Boarding in Bristol

Paddleboarding is the new trend now and Bristol is home to a variety of beautiful SUP spots.

It’s never too late to give this sport a try and paddle boarding is actually a fun and healthy activity. If you do enjoy paddle boarding Bristol is there to provide you with the best SUP experience possible.

Below is our pick of the best places for paddle boarding in Bristol.

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paddle boarding in bristol

  1. River Avon

River Avon extends for 120km from Gloucestershire right down to Bristol. Along the river you can find multiple access points for you to launch your inflatable paddleboard and start a wonderful SUP trip on the water. The view along the river is just amazing.

The river banks, open meadows and green countryside are very gorgeous. And feel free to stop by one of the many villages and towns along the way where you can take a break and enjoy a little refreshment. A world of warning, though, after heavy rainfall, the river will be more challenging to paddle on.

So if you insist on paddling after raining, be extra careful while you are on the water. Recently we also wrote an article on how to paddleboard in the river, which explains in detail the precautions and technical essentials of paddling in the river.

paddle boarding in bristol

  1. Croyde - Best spot for paddle boarding Bristol has for exploration

Croyde is one of the best places for you to enjoy a wonderful day on the water if you don’t mind driving for two hours from downtown Bristol to get to the destination. It’s a renowned beach in North Devon, so if you happen to be a beachgoer, you’ll love paddling here.

One of the main reasons why you should be paddling here is to see the magnificent North Devon coastline on the water. This place also includes some hidden caves and secret coves for you to explore if you expect the trip to be a little bit more exciting than a common SUP trip.

A word of warning though, this place might not be the best place for SUP beginners to start with as the waves here can cause a lot of trouble for them. But if you are confident about your paddleboard skills and want to challenge yourself to a unique trip of SUP surfing, Then this place is worth your time.

paddle boarding in bristol

  1. Seaton Bay - best place for paddle boarding in Bristol for Beachgoers

Seaton Bay sits right on the beautiful Jurassic coastline of Devon. For paddlers who are expecting a leisure day on the water with scenic views to relish, this is the ultimate destination.

It’s a can’t-miss spot and one of the most gorgeous places you can find in the South West. It’s just pure pleasure to paddle on the azure blue water which is sure to give you an unforgettable SUP experience. It’ll take about two hours to drive there from Bristol city center.

paddle boarding in bristol

  1. Warleigh Weir

One of the UK’s best places for simming, that’s how great people think Warleigh Weir is. And you know when a place is regarded as the perfect swimming spot, it’s also going to be great for stand up paddle boarding.

This amazong SUP spot is right next to Bath and only a 40-minute drive from Bristol. If you are looking for a place for a short getaway or family tour, Warleigh Weir is the perfect destination for you. On your SUP trip, there will be beautiful stone bridges, boundless magnificent woodland and countryside.

paddle boarding in bristol

  1. Bristol Habour

One of the best places for stand up paddle boarding in Bristol is right in the city. Bristol is an enchanting city and you can start your SUP session in Bristol Harbour and have a completely new angle to view the city.

Along the winding waterways are some unique and spectacular scenery of the city. There are plenty of local pubs where you can stop by and grab a bite after paddling for a while.

Bristol Habour paddle boarding in Bristol

Paddle boarding in Bristol can be an amazing experience if you know the right place to do it. For lovers of paddle boarding Bristol is a place that can’t be ignored. If you have the time, why not give this wonderful sport and the wonderful place a try?

At the end of the article, we need to emphasize that no matter where you go to paddle, it is necessary to learn SUP techinques to ensure that your paddleboarding activities can be safe and enjoyable.

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