Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Jupiter

Florida is full of wonderful stand up paddle boarding spots and Jupiter is one of the places in Florida that can provide you with a unique paddleboarding adventure. It has some calm, beautiful waterways for SUP riders to enjoy paddle boarding. In case you don’t know, Jupiter made it to the top 20 list of the Best Beach Town in America in 2018 and the top 10 Happiest Seaside Town in America in 2012. So it’s almost for sure you are going to have a great time paddle boarding here. It’s not bad for a small town. The town is rich in natural areas and natural waterways which creates beautiful natural scenery and a great environment for SUP adventure. From the Jupiter inlet, you will see the intracoastal waterway as well as the Loxahatchee River going through, creating a unique spot for SUP riders.

The inlet lets in tides which bring crystal clear seawater from the Atlantic Ocean. You can launch your paddle board near the Jupiter lighthouse and there are two directions you can go. Head north to hit the coast or go west to cruise down the Loxahatchee River. paddle boarding Jupiter Florida

You can easily spot people doing different things with their paddleboards here. There are people who enjoy simple recreational stand up paddle boarding, people who are fishing on their SUP board and those who are involved in a SUP racing game. You can even find people doing SUP surfing with their paddleboard. So no matter what kind of SUP activities you are into, you are likely to be able to meet other like-minded people like you. Meeting someone that has the same hobby as you is one of the best things about having a hobby.

Despite being a small seaside town, Jupiter actually has a lot of places you can go by paddle boarding and tons of spots for you to launch your SUP board. One highly recommended launch point is the Coral Cove with clear water. Other launch spots available include Sawfish Park, Burt Reynolds Park and Jupiter Inlet Park which can be found near Guanabanas restaurant. For a leisure session of paddleboarding, you can choose from any point you like. Restaurants can be found right by the waterfront if you want to stop to take a break and grab something to eat. After taking a break, there are several ways for you to continue your SUP trip. Go south and you will find the dive bar, and continue to take a left turn to get to the Jupiter Yacht Marina. Another route is head north and go past coral cove and you will see numerous boats anchored off the sandbar.

 Coral Cove Jupiter paddle boarding

Another surprise you can expect for paddle boarding in Jupiter is sea life. Fish is the most common sea life you can see here. And if you are lucky enough, you can pretty much expect manatees, dolphins or sea turtles to company you on your SUP trip. There might be times when you will be going against a hard current. When it happens, try reaching to the sides and find something to pull yourself back to the land.

Here’s another big surprise for SUP enthusiasts in Jupiter, the SUP racing scene. It’s a popular event in South Florida which is held every Tuesday night by Blueline Surf Shop and starts in the back of Guanabanas restaurant. Rentals of race boards can be found in Jupiter Paddleboarding if you don’t have your own board. 

SUP racing jupiter tuesday night paddle boarding

If you are confident about your SUP skills, you may try SUP surfing in Jupiter as well. Jupiter is one of the best places for SUP lovers to try SUP surfing because it’s got mild waves most of the time which are perfect for the sport. If you are just trying SUP surfing for the first time, the ideal place to start is Loggerhead Park. If you have tried it before and are confident, you may go to Coral Cove where there are rocks, coral and bigger waves to make SUP surfing there more challenging.

 SUP surfing jupiter

If you want a real adventure when paddle boarding Jupiter does have two special spots which are usually not considered to be for recreational paddling. The first one is Jonathon Dickinson State Park where you can find a large amount of wildlife and a race held annually called the Loxahatchee River race. The second place is River Bend park. Loxahatchee River goes pass River Bend park so you can launch directly in the water of the river. Be mentally prepared because you are certain to see gators that are common in the park. And you might also spot water moccasin. They say the gators usually won’t bother you but if I were you, I’d stick to my board and leave them alone. So if you are just learning how to paddle board, think twice if you want to pay a visit to River Bend park.

 river bend park jupiter

Whenever you want to go paddle boarding in Florida, make sure Jupiter is one of your destinations because it’s too good to be missed by a paddleboarding lover.

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