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Over the years paddle boarding has become a favorite cup of tea for many people across the world. Considered as the hybrid of surfing and kayaking, SUP boarding is a perfect way to relax and enjoy nature. Whether is it is in the ocean, a lake or river; nothing beats this form of exercise. The good news is that all you need is a SUP board and be ready to dare the waters. If you are a big fan of the sport, below are 10 of the best paddle boarding spots you should know.

Top 10 paddle boarding sports around the globe


Every season of the year, Bali is a welcoming destination for paddling. The weather is charming, and the varying strength of waves make it a dream spot for all levels of paddleboarding skills. For the one of its kind experience that you will talk about for a lifetime, head to the north. Beaches such as Balian and Medewi will quench your thirst for a great adventure. Paddling is not only what you can do while here; you can hike, trek, and dive.

 bali paddle boarding

2.Perth, Aus

Western Australia does not disappoint when it comes to giving a memorable paddling experience. The city of Perth is home to fertile grounds for paddle boarders. Swan River is for those who are trying their skills or just getting started. For medium and advanced skills, head to Cottesloe Beach. If snorkeling is your thing, here is the place for you as well.

 Perth AUS paddle boarding

3.Malibu, Ca

Los Angeles is a hotbed of paddleboarding spots, but Malibu stands the tallest. It is not all about paddling, there is a lot to see and do as you go up the coastline. You can go all the way to Point Dume and be in the midst of scenic views as you dare the mild waves. Malibu Surf Shack should be in your bucket list, and you will not regret coming all the way.

 Malibu California Paddle Boarding

4.Causeway Coast, NIR

You probably know about Emerald Isle to be the perfect place for paddling, but it does not offer half as much as you will find in the Causeway Coast. Idyllic coastline, dreamland beaches, and reefs will definitely leave you with a dropping jaw. Winter welcomes waves in full strength thus the perfect time to test your skills. Summer is calm therefore a golden chance to paddle along the coast admiring inlets and caves for the entire stretch.

 Causeway paddle boarding

5.Cape Town, ZA

If to you Africa is nothing more than a great continent for wildlife safaris and virgin archeological sites, you have not been to Cape Town. At the farthest tips of South Africa's coastline, the city is a haven for paddling enthusiasts. The waters are flat, the ocean is calm, and you will be spoiled for choice of where to go for the ultimate adventure. The southern side of the city is the place to be for the skilled paddlers. Those who are just dipping their legs into paddling, Langebaan Lagoon northern side of the cape is the dream spot for you.

cape town paddle boarding

6.Namotu Island, Fiji

The beauty of Fiji cannot be described in words. It is the island that epitomizes the perfect tourist destination. In it is the Namotu Island blessed with dazzling water. It is the spot you cannot miss out for your water paddling adventure. The beauty around you will lead you to make another date with the island every time you come to Fiji.

 Namotu paddle boarding

7.Sunset Beach, Hawaii

Hawaii is where water paddling began and gained global recognition. And in Sunset Beach paddle boarding is actually pretty popular. It would, therefore, be a great injustice to the island if it does not feature atop the list of the best paddling grounds. Sunset Beach is a spot where local and international visitors head for grueling competitions. You can begin your expedition at Waimea Bay and go for a stretch of 4 miles. Newbies should pack their gears to Puaena Point because the water is friendly to beginners.

 Sunset beach hawaii paddle boarding

8.Lake Tahoe, Ca

California seems to be claiming the lion's share of the top water paddling spots around the world. Lake Tahoe is particularly a blinding beauty and a dream place for you waterboarding escapades. People come from all corners of the US and the world at large to bask and partake in what this pristine water lake is serving. The water here is glassy and calm. Mornings and evenings are the prime timing for beginners as the water tends to be calm.

 lake tahoe paddle boarding

9.The Bahamas

The Caribbean is a top contender for the top beautiful parts of the world. The Bahamas is at the center of it all and never misses when it comes to representing the land of islands. The shoreline stretches to unimaginable 120 miles over 700 colonies of islands. For the ultimate SUP experience, pack your gear to Nassau, Great Exuma or Abacos. The clear blue water will be a big welcome, and the sight of rare-colored fish and turtles will be worth your time.

 the bahamas paddle boarding


Do you know that the Netherlands is home to the happiest people in the world? It is, and it does not come as a surprise when Amsterdam features in the top list of paddling destinations. The city does not have lakes and rivers or the kind of water you would expect for aquatic sports but has some of the finest canals around the globe. Stretching for over 60 miles, these canals can give you a memorable paddling adventure. As you cruise down the water, you will be treated to beautiful views of architecture through the heart of the city. There is never a better way to tour a city than having a view from the waterline. Amsterdam is just one of the destinations among all the paddle boarding spots in Europe but definitely worth visiting.

 amsterdam paddle boarding

Above are just a small part of the paddle boarding spots in the world, there are a lot of other beautiful oceans, rivers or lakes you can go paddle boarding on. For instance, American alone has a lot of wonderful SUP spots. If you really enjoy paddle boarding Michigan would be worth visiting. Other places like California, Florida are also full of wonderful destinations for paddleboarding enthusiasts. 

A hard board wouldn't be an ideal choice to travel with, so you may consider getting an inflatable board if you currently own a rigid board. An inflatable SUP from brands like Goosehill is able to provide you with top-notch products that are easy to travel with. A reliable SUP board is key to an enjoyable paddle boarding experience so remember to pick the right one for your trip.

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