Top 8 Spots for Paddle Boarding in Adelaide, Australia

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1.Torrens River
4.Onkaporinga River
5.West Lakes
6.Port Noarlunga to Moana
7.Patawolonga Creek
8.South Lakes, Goolwa

Whether you’re just getting started at stand up paddle boarding or you’re a seasoned paddleboarder, we always get questions about where to go stand up paddle boarding near Adelaide.

Luckily we’ve got the top 8 spots in Adelaide below – even if you’re a seasoned SUPer, we’re sure you’ll find a new favourites on our list!

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Top 8 Places To Go Paddle Boarding in Adelaide

Want to have a nice day paddle boarding in Adelaide? Get yourself a suitable inflatable sup board first.

Torrens River

We’re starting with a classic, but no list of SUP spots in Adelaide could be complete without the Torrens. The Torrens River has a great mix of urban and natural sights.

One minute you’ll be paddling through the city and then next be surrounded by eucalypts and you might be joined by some ducks. You’re never going to feel that you’ve left the city but as you slowly paddle down the Torrens you’ll begin to appreciate the city even more – it’s a classic for a reason!

Paddleboard rentals near Torrens River:

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Torrens River paddle boarding in adelaide


When talking about stand-up paddle boarding in Adelaide, Seacliff shouldn't be missed. Seacliff is just outside of Adelaide, about a 20-minute drive from the CBD. It’s one of our top spots as you can paddle around the generally tranquil waters with ease.

The big drawcard is that you may be joined by some dolphins during your paddle if you’re lucky!! And if not, well you can always go towards Marino and check out what you can see there.

Paddle board rental in Seacliff: 

Stand Up Paddle SA


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Seacliff paddle boarding in adelaide

There’s usually enough parking, but it does get busy when it gets hot and on weekends.


A lot of Adelaide paddle boarding enthusiasts love Southport. It's a very popular spot for paddle boaridng enthusiasts in-the-know, Southport is a bit further out but worth the trek (if you could even really call it that!).

Southport is a good spot for both first-timers and experienced SUPs as it offers calm waters and gentle breezes. You can paddle in and around the jetty or travel further afield to explore the coast.

Paddleboard rental near Southport:

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southport paddle boarding in adelaide

Onkaporinga River

Southport is actually located at the mouth of the Onkaporinga River, and the river itself is a great place to paddle when the conditions are right. Launch at Perry’s Bend close to Port Norlunga and enjoy the views as you paddle down the gentle curves of the river and enjoy some classic Australian scenery. You might just get the feeling that you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world!

onkaparinga river paddle boarding in adelaide

West Lakes

For some great flat water SUP you can’t look past West Lakes! Take in the sights of the John Dyer Lake, paddling around the perimeter. It’s pretty big so you can spend a fair amount of time here.

We would recommend going early (as always with SUP), but here it’s also partly to avoid the crowds. Check out the backyards of the neighbors and the sights of the city.

Paddleboard rental nearby:

Adelaide Canoe Works


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west lakes paddle boarding adelaide

The coast from Christies Beach to Port Noarlunga to Moana

It’s almost impossible for us to make a list of spots to SUP without just putting a general area on the list and Adelaide is no exception!

One of the best things about Australia is our ability to just check out the beaches and conditions and keep driving if one beach is too full or the conditions aren’t perfect.

There are an array of potential SUP sights from Christies Beach to Port Noarlunga to Moana, so hop in the car and see what looks best! You’ve also got the Onkaparinga River close by if the beach conditions are less than favorable.

Chtisties beach paddle boarding in adelaide

Patawolonga Creek

Located in Glenelg, the Patawolonga Creek is another great option south of the CBD. The Patawolonga Creek gives visitors nice and calm waters to practice SUP – we’d recommend it for beginners. It’s not going to get you that close to nature unfortunately but watching the city go by has its own charms!

patawolonga creek paddle boarding in adelaide

South Lakes, Goolwa

If you’re willing for a bit more of a drive, then let us recommend South Lakes to you. You’ve got a number of waterways down here so you can choose what looks most appealing. The water is calm and the environment is beautiful so there’s no real downside.

South Lakes Goowla paddle boarding in adelaide

Launch from Marina Park and paddle around the maze of waterways, taking in the sights and sounds. It’s a popular SUP spot and you’ll know why when you give it a go!

Water sport equipment rentals nearby: 

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Best time to visit Adelaide, South Australia

The best time to visit Adelaide is during the city's spring and fall, which are September to November and March to May.

During these seasons, there's not much rainfall and the temperatures are comfortable and suitable for outdoor activities. The crowds will arrive during its peak season which is the summer holidays and Adelaide's festival season.

During such time the expense for your trip will also get higher. So if you are running on a rather tight budget, you should avoid the peak seasons. Adelaide's fall starts from March which is also the time for some of the biggest events in the city, so for those who expect to spend less money on their trip,

March is also not a good time for visiting. Prices would be lower during June and August but Adelaide will be cold and it might rain frequently. It's never hard for paddle boarding enthusiasts to find a place to go paddle boarding in Adelaide, Australia.

We’re sure there are other places for stand up paddle boarding in Adelaide, but we’ve given you eight different options across the city, with a mix of flat water and beach spots, so there’s no excuse not to grab your paddle board, get out there and paddle away!

If you are a beginner, get yoruself a suitable stand up paddle board from a big brand, like Goosehill or redpaddle.

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