Top 8 Places To Go Paddle Boarding in Colorado

Paddle boarding is spreading like fire in the U.S. as a recreational activity for fun and relaxation. Colorado is a great place for paddle boarding enthusiasts thanks to its large quantity of lakes and other water bodies. If you are a resident and want to take up paddle boarding, here are what we think of as the best paddle boarding spots in Colorado.

Paddle Boarding in Colorado

  1. Cherry Creek Reservoir

If you live or are currently staying in Denver, the Cherry Creek Reservoir is one of the closest places you can go for paddle boarding in Colorado. The biggest advantage it has over other paddleboarding spots is its 800 acres of flat water surface for you to paddle on. If you don’t feel like bringing your own paddle boards, go rent one from the Cherry Creek Marina in the Cherry Creek State Park. Note that the park is not free to enter, you’ll have to pay for the entrance fee.

 Paddle Boarding in Colorado

  1. Big Soda Lake Reservoir

The Big Soda Lake is also fairly close to Denver. This small lake in Lakewood is right next to Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater, another popular area. You won’t find any signs of Powerboats since they are not allowed to enter the area. So you won’t have to worry about them disturbing your SUP session like in other popular paddle boarding spots.

 Paddle Boarding in Colorado

  1. Union Reservoir

The Union Reservoir makes a great choice if you prefer to enjoy your time with your stand up paddle board a little more quietly. It won’t get as crowded as other popular destinations. In fact, it’s a natural lake that offers excellent views along the Front Range. But the reservoir is not free, you’ll pay to pay for entering. There are SUP board rentals available from Rocky Mountain Paddleboard if you don’t have one.

 Paddle Boarding in Colorado

  1. Grand Lake

Grand Lake is known to be the biggest and deepest lake in Colorado. The view of the surrounding mountains is epic. It’s a real enjoyment to paddle on it with such beautiful views.

 Paddle Boarding in Colorado

  1. Lake Dillon

In Lake Dillon, the main attraction is on the mountain peaks that allow you to get the best view of Summit County’s magnificent scenery that surrounds the reservoir. And just like any other paddle boarding spots, you don’t have to bring your own SUP board if you don’t want to because there are rentals available at the Frisco Bay Marina.

 Paddle Boarding in Colorado

  1. Glenwood Springs Whitewater Park

If you are an advanced paddler and want to challenge yourself, Glenwood Springs Whitewater Park is the place to be. Being the very first whitewater park on the Colorado River, it’s a great place to test your paddling and balancing skills. SUP board rentals and paddleboarding lessons are offered by Glenwood Adventure Company.

 Glenwood Springs Whitewater Park

  1. Lake San Cristobal

Lake San Cristobal is the second biggest natural lake you’ll find in Colorado. The calm, flat water makes it the perfect spot for all kinds of recreation on the water. While you are on your stand up paddleboard on the water, you’ll have the great scenery of the San Juan Mountains unfolding before your eyes.

 Paddle Boarding in Colorado

  1. Blue Mesa Reservoir

Blue Mesa Reservoir is the largest lake and one of the most popular sites for paddle boarding Colorado has to offer. The flat water is perfect for beginners. And for tourists, the shores are also worth exploring, and you’ll have all the chances you need to explore them thanks to the lake’s large area.

 Paddle Boarding in Colorado

One of the reasons why paddle boarding is able to gain its popularity so quickly in the U.S. is that America has a lot of suitable places for the sport and Colorado is one of the places where paddlers can easily find a place to enjoy the sport. Not only Colorado, but there are also various other hot spots in America for you to get the best of it. When talking about paddle boarding San Diego, Austin, and a lot of other big cities all have a lot to offer to lovers of paddle boarding.


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