Where to Go SUP Fishing in America?

Where to Go SUP Fishing in America?

Fishing is one of the most popular recreational activities in America. In 2017, the number of people going fishing had exceeded 49 million. People go fishing with a fishing paddle board in different places, like riverbanks, shorelines, etc. SUP fishing is a popular choice for fishing enthusiasts. People’s been fishing on paddle boards a long time but the boards they use are not like the ones used by stand up paddle boarders these days. But with the popularity of stand up paddle boarding growing, more and more kinds of paddle boards are developed and they are wider and more stable on the water, making them much more suitable for SUP fishing. There are even SUP fishing boards made specifically for SUP fishing lovers.


If you are a fishing lover and have never try SUP fishing, you should. It’s a fun way to fish. Get an SUP fishing board and you are going to have completely new fishing experience.


Another reason for SUP fishing going popular among fishing enthusiasts is that places for SUP fishing can be found everywhere, especially if you live in America. As long as you have a SUP fishing board, you won’t have to worry about having no place for SUP fishing.


Here are some wonderful places you can visit for SUP fishing. If you are a real paddle boarding fishing fan, you should totally visit them, one by one.


1. Black Canyon, Nevada

In Nevada, the casino is not the only notable thing. It has a wonderful place for fishing lovers like you, the Black Canyon outside Las Vegas. The kinds of fish you can find in the water of this area include black crappie, rainbow trout, catfish, striped bass and largemouth bass. And don’t get too involved in it because you are going to miss out on a lot of things if you do. There are great views along the trip. You can first go checking out the hot springs and hidden caves while paddle boarding on the river. And the slot canyons will give your trip a sense of real adventure.

Black Canyon paddle boarding SUP fishing

Note that there is regulation applied when you go SUP fishing between the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park boundary and the endpoint at Crystal Dam.


  1. No bait is allowed.
  2. Only artificial flies or lures are recommended.
  3. Release every Rainbow trout you catch.
  4. Only eight possession and four daily bags of brown trout.
  5. A Colorado fishing license is required.
  6. It is illegal to fish within 200 yards downstream of the Crystal Dam.


More detailed information can be found on the official website of National Park Service and it’s recommended to check them out before paying a visit.


2. Bahamas

If your travel bucket list has Bahamas on it, then you’ve made the right choice. There really aren’t many places in the world that can surpass Bahamas for SUP fishing. It’s a paradise for both stand up paddle boarders and SUP fishing lovers. The fun begins in Bimini, which can be found 50 miles east of the Florida coast. The types of fish the place has is going to shock you. You can go all the way down to Southernmost Island, Inagua on the northern side of the Caribbean. Grand Bahama is another place we strongly recommend to SUP fishing lovers. It’s a hot spot for saltwater fishing and bonefish can be found in the flats. And the list of wonderful SUP fishing spots goes on. Spots worth noting include Andros, Eleuthera, The Abacos, Nassau, and Paradise Islands. Different species of fish can be found in all the previously mentioned spots. Here are some common fish types you may find: Bonefish, Dorado, Blackfin Tuna, Broadbill, Snapper, Kingfish, Mackerel, Oceanic Bonito, and a lot more. While fishing and paddle boarding in the area, be sure to check out the magnificent scenery of the archipelago.

bahamas sup fishing paddle boarding

3. Hawaii

Hawaii is not only a hot spot and the birthplace of standup paddle boarding but also one of the best places for SUP fishing. Stand up paddle boarding originated in Hawaii in the 1960s and was made popular in the late 1990s by Laird Hamilton, a surf pioneer. Surfing might be the most prevalent water sport here but paddle boarding is also a great choice if you are not a surfer. The number of paddle boarders in Hawaii has grown significantly in recent years. The laid back lifestyle in Hawaii is the perfect match for a recreational sport like paddle boarding. And fishing lovers are going to love this place. There is a large variety of fish waiting for you. You will find Skipjack Tuna, Blue Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Sailfish, Striped Marlin, just to name a few. So no matter if you are a stand up paddle boarding enthusiast or a fishing lover or both, you are going to love Hawaii. There are some common hotspots for SUP fishing in Hawaii, like Keauhou Bay, Sunset Beach, Ala Moana, Kealakekua Bay, Pua’ena Point Beach Park, and more. There are people who are hesitant to visit some famous tourist spots worrying about them being overrated. Hawaii is not one of those places. Grab your fishing SUP and pay a visit, you’d be amazed.

paddle boarding hawaii sup fishing

4. Seattle

Water is an important part of the city of Seattle. Beautiful bodies of water spread through the whole city. Great spots for stand up paddle boarding include Green Lake, Puget Sound, Elliot Bay, and Lake Washington, etc. Also, you can explore the city thoroughly by paddling along the city’s waterway. Most bodies of water in the area feature a certain number of marine life. You can find a lot of different types of fish in spots like Lake Union, Eastlake, Sunset Hill Ballard, and Salmon Bay. Two common types of fish you can find in Puget Sound are Coho Salmon and King Salmon. Do note that fishing Salmon are forbidden at certain times. If you happen to visit Seattle during this period, go for other types of fish like Flounder, Goldfish, Chinook Salmon, Golden Trout, Lingcod, Grass Carp, Common Carp, Tui Chub, pink salmon, etc. All you need is a fishing paddle board and your fishing equipment and you can get yourself a wonderful day of fishing and relaxation.

paddle boarding seattle sup fishing

5. Santa Barbara, California

 One of the reasons for the growing popularity of stand up paddle boarding is how easy it is to do the sport on flat water. In a place as populous as California, paddle boarding is easy to gain acceptance and popularity. Santa Barbara Harbor is one of the best spots for both SUP fishing and standup paddleboarding in California. Fish is not the only marine life you can expect in Santa Barbara Harbor. There’s a high chance you will have seals and dolphins to accompany you on your SUP trip. If you have a fishing SUP and live in California, there’s no better place to be.

paddle boarding santa barbara sup fishing

6. Lake Tahoe, California

Lake Tahoe is probably one of the most well-known lakes in the State, and there are good reasons for that. The crystal clear water and the magnificent views are unparalleled. Summer is a great time to pay a visit to Lake Tahoe, either for SUP fishing or simply standup paddle boarding. You can launch your fishing SUP from one of the beautiful beaches around the lake and, if you are a good swimmer, jump into the warm water when you feel like it. Some common types of fish you can expect to find here are Brown Trout, Kokanee Salmon, Lake Trout, and Rainbows.

lake tahoe paddle boarding sup fishing

There are a lot more places to be listed here for SUP fishing. If you are a fishing enthusiast living in America, you are a lucky one. If you haven’t tried SUP fishing, get an inflatable fishing SUP and head out to one of these SUP fishing spots, you will have a whole new experience when fishing on a SUP fishing board. It’s a completely new experience compared to traditional ways of fishing. Get the best fishing SUP and get a fresh start on your fishing life.

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