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1. Paddle polo
2. Paddle baseball
3. Paddle golf
4. Sport Orienteering and SUP Quests
5. Snorkelling and diving
6. Sunbathing

SUP excercise

There are actually way more than 6 fun activities you can do on a SUP but this post would go on forever! One of the reasons why the sport of paddleboarding has quickly become so popular is the fact that it offers such great versatility. There are an endless number of ways to enjoy your paddle board. There are fun activities you can do on a SUP for all interests, ages, and skill levels.

SUP excercise

Paddle polo

Have you heard of SUP polo? It's a simple yet highly entertaining game. It is also a cross between stand up paddle board, water polo and lacrosse, played on an inflatable SUP board with paddles. It is played outdoors in a section on flat water, or you can play in a swimming pool.

The ball is played using specially designed paddles with a scoop inside and players can only use their paddles to touch the ball and try to shoot it into the net. Don't forget to take into account the age and skills of the players and familiarize the participants with these rules. This game is especially good for playing with your own family or friends, just be prepared for a lot of falls!

Note: Do not go too far from the river or shoreline and return to shore in time to replenish your energy.

SUP excercise

Paddle baseball

Like SUP polo, SUP baseball is great for large groups because baseball requires a lot of people to participate. During the holidays, bring your family or friends and have a fun baseball game on the water with this equipment. And, this sport can be a great workout.

Note: Friendship first, competition second. Just enjoy the process of playing with friends.

Paddle golf

The advantage of this game is that you can actually play it alone or with a group. So if you are boating alone and looking for new things to do on the water then this could be it. First, be sure to have a floating golf ball and clubs.

Mastering the game of water golf takes a little skill and a whole lot of patience. Find a secluded area on the water away from buildings, people and other watercraft. It's time to start practicing your swing.

Note: Remember to use the golf ball with can be suspended, otherwise it will sink to the bottom of the sea.


Sport Orienteering and SUP Quests

Pretty much the same as the usual scavenger hunt game, the difference is just that it is played on water. The game is simple, the member receives a map of the water with control points or riddles that need to be solved.

Participants can find these points/solve the riddles on foot or by moving around the SUP-board, taking as little time as possible. This game poses a challenge of careful preparation, scouting the route, mapping, setting checkpoints and tracking the movements of the participants. Suitable for teenagers.

Note: It is best to let your buddies understand the rules of the game in advance and layout the venue in advance, which can save valuable game time.


Snorkelling and diving (Using SUP as a Diving Platform )

The SUP is perfect for snorkeling trips because it's basically a large floating platform to rest on when you need a break from swimming and exploring. And because of its small size, the SUP allows access to hidden areas that other boats can't access.

As with snorkeling, diving with a SUP is becoming increasingly popular. Larger boards offer a higher weight capacity, which means you can carry the necessary dive gear to remote and unexplored areas.

Explore unrealistic snorkeling spots with a surfboard. Paddle along uncharted shorelines and you'll find crystal clear waters filled with an abundance of marine life. Note: Don't go snorkeling alone, remember to bring your friends with you who are good swimmers and make sure to take safety measures.


Sunbathing on your paddle board

Do you think that sunbathing on the beach is so hot and boring?Now inflatable SUP gives you the opportunity to get close to the water and it will be very comfortable to lie on an inflatable SUP because of its squishy and comfortable design. And you get too hot while after sunbathing a long time, you can dive into the water next to you to cool off. 

Sunbathing on your paddle board

Note: Since UV rays are reflected from the horizontal plane, be sure to control the time and wear SPF sunscreen. To avoid burning the skin.

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