6 Reasons Why You Should Try Paddle Boarding

As one of the fastest-growing sports now, paddle boarding surely has its little moment in the sun. Paddle boarding participants of different ages can now be easily spotted all over the world. This new trend in water sport didn’t just go wild for no reason. If you are an outdoor person, paddle boarding is something you shouldn't miss. Here’s why you should try paddle boarding.

Why you should try paddle boarding

It's A Great Workout that Doesn't Look Like A Workout

Paddleboarding is a great way to do a thorough full-body workout. The core will get exercised effectively as well as your leg, arms, and shoulders. If you want proper workout sessions, consider SUP racing, which is an intense and challenging SUP activity. If you are able to find a place with great views, you can even make the workout session even more enjoyable. 

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It Can Be Done On Most Water Bodies

Even though most SUP’ers love paddling in the ocean, this new water sport can be done in almost any type of water body (excluding swamps of course!). It is even more popular in domestic waterways. If you’re new to this water sport, you can always go for calmer waters with minimal waves. The ocean may be the perfect choice for experienced SUPers where waves are strong and sometimes unpredictable. Whichever kind of SUP board you intend to use, SUPing will always be an exciting and flexible water sport.

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It’s A Great Way to Meditate

We’re all familiar with meditation and its massive benefits to the human body and mind, yet for many, it’s still hard to sit calmly for long periods. On the stand up paddle board, however, the gushing sounds of the water pushing against your board, the mellow sounds of birds chirping a few meters from your reach could make you feel more connected to nature. With everything happening peacefully around you as you glide over the water is an experience far more satisfying than trying to find inner peace alone in a quiet room.

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It Gives You A Different View of The City

As you paddleboard along the waters, you’ll quickly realize how beautiful some parts of your city are when you are viewing them at a different angle. You’ll have a new perspective on the city as you are cruising down the waterway. SUP boarding offers you an opportunity to view the city from a different perspective, without having to worry about traffic or large crowds.


It’s A Trendy Watersport

Even though the idea of stand up paddleboarding is not new, it still receives unexpectedly great acceptance by people, especially outdoor enthusiasts, all over the world. There is nothing more exciting than the rush of going out in the water and experiencing our world from a whole new perspective. Stand up paddleboarding should be on your list of fun activities to do during the holidays or during warmer months. Whether you’ll be boarding on a lake, sea, ocean, or river, the experience is always exciting and you should try hitting your nearest waterway.


It's A Good Way to Meet New and Like-Minded People

Paddle boarding is a very nice sport that can be done with friends and family. Since the water will be mostly filled with tourists, you are likely to meet new people and maybe make friends with other paddlers or tourists. In fact, it is more fun with people around you as you’ll get to socialize, discuss the beautiful scenery on your paddling session. You’ll also get to meet all types of SUP’ers from newbies to experts. Also, if you are still in the beginning process of learning how to paddle board, you can seek help and tips from other skilled or experienced SUP riders.

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It’s hard to know how fun paddle boarding is without actually trying it. Paddle boarding has been attracting people worldwide. If you ever wonder why people like it so much, you should try it and find out by yourself. Some paddlers have stated that it's hard to learn, but trust me, it's not. Go look for some paddle boarding tips if you encounter problems when learning how to paddle board. A good SUP board would go a long way to make the experience more enjoyable for you. Remember to get your SUP from trusted brands like Goosehill SUP or redpaddle.

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