7 Fun Things You Can Do On Your SUP


Table of contents

1. SUP Surfing
2. SUP Racing
3. SUP Touring and Hiking
4. SUP Yoga
5. SUP Fishing
6. SUP Crabbing
7. SUP Picnicking


SUP activities tips

Can SUP only surf? The answer is certainly no.Actually, there are many fun things to try on your SUP. To meet the needs of many supers, I am therefore giving you a complete overview of how to play paddle board. Since it is too long, I divided into two parts. In this part, you will find seven typical activities to play on a SUP. For more interesting and new ways to play, please move on to the next part.

SUP surfing

On the list of Fun Things to Do on SUP, surfing is the most thrilling activity. To start surfing, the most important thing is to catch the waves. As a beginner to this sport, it is great fun in small waves and must be mindful with big waves.

In addition, you can also do kitesurfing. That is, you hang a kite on a SUP, and as the kite moves into the wind, you move along with it. Note:Don’s surf in a situation you’re not familiar with!

SUP activities tips

SUP racing

Up to now, there are annual SUP races for the competitive thrill seekers all over the world. To compete in racing not only provide a chance to meet with other like-minded friends but also test your SUP skills among other experienced paddlers. Here are the 5 most grueling races: 

  • Molokai 2 Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
  • The Yukon River Quest, Alaska
  • SUP 11 city Tour, The Netherlands
  • Red Bull Heavy Water, San Francisco, CA
  • Pacific Paddle Games, Dana Point, CA
SUP activities tips

If competitive SUP racing is so serious to you, it’s a good choice that having a race with your families or friends. Such as relay race on SUP. Note:Warm up in advance and replenish energy in time!


SUP touring and hiking

SUP touring is one of the best ways to incorporate an awesome water-based experience. Try to imagine sailing along a river with your friends, seeing the villages and towns along the shore, stopping for lunch, spending the night at your favorite spot, swimming, and not going off the beaten path. Of course, SUP trips on rivers and lakes should only be done with adults.

SUP tours require more preparation than regular paddling trips and you need to consider packing supplies such as water and snacks. At this point, having a wider board is ideal because it can float more weight and can carry extra necessary gear. If you are planning a weekend-long trip, camping supplies, food and extra clothes will need to be packed. Take your SUP board and all your luggage and explore marshes and creeks.

Note:Due to a long time trip, please ensure that your packing supplies, such as water, food and etc, can satisfy this trip.

SUP activities tips

SUP yoga

If you're an experienced yogi or just looking for a new low-impact, high-intensity workout, then SUP Yoga is well worth a try. Meditating in the quiet of a hoopoe or river allows you to hear the most beautiful sounds of nature. Note:You need to be especially focused on your coordination, strength and body awareness when doing yoga poses. Otherwise, one wrong move and you could end up falling into the water (not necessarily a bad thing on a hot summer day).

SUP activities tips

SUP fishing

SUP fishing is becoming a trend as more and more anglers discover the advantages of fishing on a SUP. Compared to boats and kayaks, inflatable SUP boards are cheaper and more convenient. SUP are non-motorized, less obstructive, work on the water with little sound and will not easily scare off your catch. When fishing on a surfboard, you have a top-down view of the water, making it easier to find and catch fish.

SUP fishing is also suitable for beginners. Just put your fishing gear, rod holders, bait reels, anglers and whatever your little heart likes on your board and paddle out to the middle of the lake, the marsh, the depths of the sea and easily enjoy the perfect fishing experience .

Note:Remember to bring a large enough bucket, otherwise too much fish and crab can not be loaded!

SUP activities tips

SUP crabbing

Catching crabs on a SUP is a particularly fun activity, either alone or with your kids. Similar to fishing, a SUP is a great tool for catching crabs. All you need to do is throw the crab cage out, paddle around on the water and then come back. Moreover, since the paddle board is more maneuverable, you can quickly reach the waters where there are more crabs, making it easy for you to catch more crabs and enjoy the joy of harvesting.

Note: Take care of your little ones so they don't get hurt by the crabs' pincers.


SUP picnicking

SUP picnics are a special and fun way to do this. You can choose a cloudy day to go out and have a picnic on the water with your friends. You can slowly move along with the breeze in the quiet river, enjoying nature while drinking and talking. This is also a great way to spend the weekend with your family, and maybe your little ones will show off this special picnic to the other kids.

Note: To protect the environment, do not throw garbage into the water.

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