8 Fun Things You Should Try With Your Inflatable Paddle Board

Table of contents

1. Paddle Board Fishing
2. Paddle Board Yoga
3. Go Exploring
4. Paddle Board Surfing
5. Paddle Board Racing
6. Picnic and Camping
7. Scuba Dive
8. Sunbathing

8 Fun paddle board activities you should try

Paddle boards, especially inflatables, can be transported to remote locations and allow you to explore waters that larger boats can not. However, do you know that you can use your paddle board in other ways than just using it in a simple boring way of standing up and paddling?

That’s one of the reasons why the sport of paddleboarding has quickly become so popular over recent years. But wait, what are those ways? Now, let’s check out the best ways you can use your SUP for some serious fun.

You’re bound to fall in love with at least one of these activities with so many possibilities . It will also show you that you don’t have to have a big budget to take the family out for a fun day out on the water. 

Paddle Board Fishing

paddle board fishing

SUP fishing continues to grow in popularity as more and more anglers are discovering the advantages of fishing from a paddle board. It is a terrific way to unwind after a long working week, as fishing requires a lot of focus and your mind is quickly taken off everything that was causing you stress.

When you’ve mastered the art of balancing on your board, you can easily fit your fishing gear, rod holders, bait trays, down riggers and whatever your little heart fancies onto your board. Or you can actually purchase paddle boards that are equipped to fish—they have rod holder attachments, fish finders, etc. 

Paddle Board Yoga

paddle board yoga

Yoga is one of the most relaxing forms of exercise, anyone can give it a go! Whether you are an expert or a beginner, there are countless advantages.

Practicing yoga on a SUP requires even more balance and control than it does on land, ultimately making sure your focus is more on your body and less on what's going on in your head. Meanwhile, being surrounded by nature and fresh air reduces stress and anger, while also contributing to our overall physical well-being.

all around sup boards tend to be the top choice for SUP yoga because of their spacious, squishy deck that helps with balance and overall comfort when trying to hold a pose. 

Go Exploring

Many of creeks and marshes feature dense plant life, which can make using a kayak or fishing boat to do a little exploring almost impossible. With a paddle board, you’ll be able to easily fit down tight water channels and check out local plant life and wildlife. This will be another fun activity for the kids as well and can be a great learning opportunity. 

While inflatable paddles provide convenient conditions for your explore. As they can be deflated and pack down small into their accompanying carry bag, which makes them easy to transport by car, public transport and even by plane, without the oversize baggage fees.

paddle board touring

Paddle Board Surfing

One of the most thrilling activities on the list is paddle board surfing. It goes without saying that waves, even if they are small, provide more of a challenge for paddleboarding than flat calm waters found in lakes or rivers.

However, paddle boards are much wider and longer than even long board, which makes it easier to keep balance and start planing without needing to build up speed. If you’re totally new to surfing, avoid the big crashing waves and start off small, with gentle waves in calmer waters.

While for the experienced paddler who wants to get away from their busy nine to five and enjoy the day out on the water, watching waves break and catching some surf, surfing on a paddle board couldn’t be better.

paddle board surfing

Paddle Board Racing

SUP races are held annually all over the world, and they not only test your paddling skills among other experienced paddlers but also have a deeper understanding of the sport. In addition, competing in these races is a great way to connect with other like-minded people in the SUP community and harvest friendship and fun. 

While you don’t have to enter an actual SUP competition if it isn’t your thing. Just organize a race among your friends or family members at your local lake or river. Getting kids involved in the race will be a sure-fire way to get them excited and interested in SUPing.

paddle board racing

Picnic and Camping

SUP picnics are an affordable and fun way to enjoy a quiet romantic meal with your partner or family. It's absolutely unique enough to impress your important someone. Besides, you can paddle to some remote locations to camp out with friends and family. Integrate the elements into your camping weekend. 

Need something comfier to sleep on than the rough ground when camping? Well with an inflatable SUP, you can do just that. It is pretty comfortable to lay down on an inflatable SUP, if you haven’t noticed.

This is another fun and affordable way to get more use out of your board and it’s one that your spouse and the kids will love since it offers a new experience.

paddle board activities

Scuba Dive

Loading up your inflatable SUP with snorkeling gear, paddling out to breathtaking locations and discovering crystal clear waters filled with an abundance of marine life.

A SUP is essentially a large floating platform to rest on when you need a break from swimming and exploring. You’ll spend a wonderful afternoon in this way! It is also a great activity for families with kids, as they can hold on to the board and avoid swimming for lengthy periods of time.


Let’s say that nothing is more relaxing than sunbathing, and you can enhance the experience with an inflatable paddle board. It won’t make you feel like sunbathing on the beach, which means dealing with sand sticking to you every time you move.

An inflatable SUP is best for SUP sunbathing because of its squishy and comfortable deck. You can stay on the paddle until the sun goes down. By the way, you will watch the sunset and experience the romantic atmosphere. But be aware that it’s extremely important to limit the amount of time spent sunbathing.

paddle board activities

Here are a few you are sure to enjoy! Just with some basic gear and your board, you can plan an affordable, fun, and safe outing with the whole family, explore nature, get fit, take beautiful photographs and even have the family dog join in on the fun. Why not incorporate it with hobbies you already enjoy? Or try out something new!

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