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Paddle boarding wasn’t very popular until recent years.

There have been a lot of paddle boarding newbies and a lot of them don’t know what paddle boarding accessories to get.

With that in mind, we are here to help them sort out the best paddle boarding accessories which would be able to help make paddle boarding more enjoyable even if they don’t know much about the sport.

1. SUP Electric Pump

2. PFD/Life Vest

3. SUP Leash

4. Paddleboard Cart

5. SUP Kayak Seat

6. Carbon Fiber Paddle

7. SUP Dry Bag

8. GoPro Hero8


8 of the Best Paddle Board Accessories

  1. SUP Electric Pump

Inflating your board from 0 to 12PSI is a lot of work. Some people take it as a warm-up but not everyone thinks that way.

Paddle Board Accessories

If you want to save your energy for your paddling session, consider getting an electric pump.

An electric pump will relieve you of the inflation process and help you save a lot of energy. They are very convenient, easy to use, and inflate faster.

  1. PFD(Personal Floatation Device) for SUP paddling

This is something we’ve been telling every paddler to do, wear a PFD whenever you paddle.

Paddle Board Accessories

Many people think that stand up paddle boarding is very safe, it’s not completely true. Since you have to do it on the water, there will be chances of drowning.

So always put on a personal floatation device/life-jacket whenever you are out on the water to ensure your safety and avoid any accident.

  1. SUP Leash

When you purchase an inflatable SUP, you will find a SUP leash included in the package.

Paddle Board Accessories

It’s an important accessory that can ensure your safety when you paddle.

When you fall off the water, a SUP leash can help prevent the board from getting away from you. It would come in handy when you are paddling out in the ocean or on whitewater rapids.

Be sure to put the leash on when you paddle, especially if you are not a very good swimmer or paddler.

  1. Paddle board Cart

There are a lot of SUP spots where the actual launch point is far away from the parking lot, which means you’ll have to carry your board for a rather long distance.

 Paddle Board Accessories

In times like this, it’s good to have something that can help make carrying your boards to the water easier. And that’s why you should consider getting a paddle board cart.

It’s a practical paddle board accessory that can help you transport your paddle board from the parking lot to the actually SUP spot more conveniently.

Some of those paddle board carts are designed to transport more than one board. So if you take your family with you to your SUP trip a lot and always bring more than one board, you should seriously consider getting a paddle board cart like this.

  1. SUP Kayak Seat

A lot of paddlers are former or current kayakers. Both paddleboarding and kayaking are amazing watersports.

Paddle Board Accessories

Paddlers who haven’t tried kayaking or want to paddle at leisure can get a SUP kayak seat.

A SUP kayak seat can, to a certain extent, transform an inflatable SUP board into a kayak. With this seat, you can enjoy the benefits of both sports with only a SUP board.

You can sit when the water is too choppy and you can’t handle it well, and stand up when you need to stretch your legs.

But before you get one, make sure your board has the D-rings in the right position for the seat.

  1. Carbon Fiber paddle

If you paddle a lot, it’s strongly recommended that you get a lightweight paddle board paddle.

Paddle Board Accessories

The lightest type of paddle board paddle is the carbon fiber paddle.

Using a lightweight SUP paddle would go a long way to making your SUP trip more enjoyable and easy for you. A heavy paddle would wear you out quickly and make your stroke less efficient.

So for SUP enthusiasts, a carbon fiber paddle is one of the must-have paddle board accessories.

  1. SUP Dry Bag

There are some necessary items that you will probably need when you are out on the water. To bring your stuff along to your SUP trip, the best choice would be a SUP dry bag.

Paddle Board Accessories

A SUP dry bag is one of the most important paddle board accessories and it’s worth investing your money in.

  1. GoPro Hero 8

Paddle boarding is a wonderful choice for family activities. Even alone, you might have a few moments that you would like to record.

Smartphones nowadays come with great cameras, and you’ll probably bring it to your SUP trip, but it’s probably not the best choice for recording your SUP life.

A Go Pro would do a much better job than a smartphone if you want to capture a few moments in motion.

Paddle Board Accessories

The Go Pro Hero 8 is our top pick for this job. It provides incredible features and allows you to take amazing photos and videos while you are out on the water.

There are inflatable SUPs out there with fixed camera mounts. There are also third-party camera mounts you can buy online but be sure to check the reviews before buying one to ensure that the mount you want to buy works well or you might risk losing an expensive piece of equipment while you are having fun on your paddleboard.

You might not need all of these SUP accessories, but having some of them can significantly improve your SUP experience. And to keep yourself safe while you are out on the water, always put on a PFD and a leash.

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