Best SUP Apps You Can Use - Paddle Board Apps

A suitable app on your phone can help make your SUP journey more easy and enjoyable.

There are a lot of app that are developed by SUP enthusiasts for SUP enthusiasts.

You can use a weather app to learn the weather of your destination before heading out to avoid windy or rainy days.

Or there are apps that would allow you to track your SUP routes and calories burnt during your SUP trip.

A good paddle boarding app can be really helpful.

Here are some practical apps for paddle boarding you might need.

Top 5 SUP Apps for Paddleboarding

1. Windy

Knowing the weather is important for stand up paddle boarding as bad weather can potentially put you in danger while you are out on the water. The Windy app provides comprehensive weather forecasts which allow you to predict weather of the place you are going. You can easily check out basic info like wind, rain temperature, humidity of your destination. And Windy has this interesting feature that allows you to see the real-time condition of where you are going via the many webcams Windy has.

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2. Paddle Monster

Paddle Monster was founded by Larry Cain, an Olympic Canadian Canoeist. With that being said, you will get the most professional SUP technique tips in the app. The Olympic gold medalist wanted to create a community for watersports lovers and paddle boarders alike. You will have plenty of different coaching plans to choose from. If you are not satisfied with just being an ordinary paddle boarder, this app can help you become the best paddler possible. You can set goals in the app, and discuss your progress online. You’ll no longer feel alone when learning how to paddle board with this app. It’s a subscription based app with a monthly fee of $10.

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3. iOverlander

iOverlander is the perfect app for those who are not only into paddle boarding but also camping. You can use this app to find campsites near your destination. The app also provides informations of all of the amenities with reviews from other users of the app so you can know if the destination is good or should be avoided. And you will also be able to leave your own reviews of the places you’ve been to.

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4. SUP international

SUP international is an app developed by the SUP International magazine. With this app, you will be able to access informations like interviews and stories of the big names in the sport, professional SUP technique tips and beautiful SUP photos right on your phone.

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5. Paddle Logger

If you go out and paddle a lot in different places, you might want to record where you have been, and Paddle Logger is an app that can track and record where you have paddled on and create a log of your SUP trip. The app allows you to add photos, maps and notes and helps you record them in a digital notebook which you can share with other paddlers. The app is only available on iOS.

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A practical SUP app can go a long way to help making your SUP trip more enjoyable and safe. Be sure to check out these paddle board apps and be well prepared before heading out to the water with your paddleboard.

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