Health Benefits of Paddle Boarding You Might Not Know

Table of contents

1.Full Body Workout
2.Enhanced Cardiovascular Health
3.Improved Mental Health
4.Improved Balance
5.Have better sleep at night

Paddle boarding is a fun and enjoyable outdoor sport. This particular sport is ideal for anyone who enjoys the fresh outdoor air, especially while on water. It is also ideal for people who love the excitement of being on the water.

There’s a lot to love about paddle boarding. Another reason why it’s so popular is that it’s a fun water sport that doesn’t require much practice to master. It’s suitable for people of all skill levels. All that one needs is to get a suitable stand up paddle board.

Besides being relaxing and entertaining at the same time, it also has some physical benefits that you might not know. Check out how paddle boarding exercises your body in here.

5 Health Benefits of Paddle Boarding

Full Body Workout

This particular sport exercises your entire body from top to bottom. When paddle boarding, most parts of your body are activated and engaged in the paddling process. Your arms and shoulders are frequently used to help perform a stroke.

While it may seem like it’s your arms and shoulders that are performing the stroke, but in actuality, your abdominal muscle is the most important part in a stroke that is constantly activated and participating in the stroke of the paddle. 

So your core muscles will be exercised a lot. To keep yourself upright, your legs will be tensed the whole time, which helps to improve your balance as well as the strength of your leg. You might get sore muscles in the first few days. But after you get used to doing it you will find yourself enjoying this sport more. You also get to burn more calories which are important when it comes to losing weight.

According to certain researches online on paddleboarding, you can burn about 400 calories per hour when paddle boarding at a moderate speed. And as you paddle faster, you will be burning more calories as well. So paddleboarding could also be an effective way to burn calories and lose weight.

You will find yourself in better shape after paddleboarding for certain times. Here’s something you should note. If you intend to do paddle boarding as a way of physical exercise, you should paddle as fast as you can. Slow paddle boarding is mostly for relaxing and won’t be as good a workout as paddle boarding fast especially for your upper body.

After doing it for a few times, you would find yourself being able to paddle longer without getting tired. That’s the sign of your stamina and endurance being improved.

health benefits of paddle boarding

Enhanced Cardiovascular Health

Paddle boarding involves fast and frequent movements of your body which stimulates your heart and makes it beat faster and more powerfully. It’s beneficial to your cardiovascular system.

When your heart’s stimulated, your blood will flow faster. Nowadays, cardiovascular diseases are considered one of the major health issues for people around the world. And paddle boarding can help lower the odds of you having some heart-related diseases like a heart attack or stroke. This plays an integral role in improving cardiovascular health.

health benefits of paddle boarding

Improved Mental Health

Stand up paddle boarding provides you with more than one mental health benefits. With enhanced blood flow more blood and oxygen will be getting into your brain. This further results in enhanced levels of serotonin which in turn reduces the stress levels.

While participating in this sport you are also constantly required to be totally focused. You will need to be aware of your surroundings and movements in order to keep yourself steady on the board and avoid accidents. This is a great way of diverting your mind from any form of stress that might be affecting other aspects of your life. You will be able to concentrate on what you are doing and have the stress in your mind replaced by fun. 

Furthermore, paddle boarding is best done when there is sunshine and this means that your body will produce more vitamin D. With improved levels of vitamin D your stress levels will be reduced significantly.

health benefits of paddle boarding

Improved Balance

One of the main skills you need to acquire for paddle boarding is balancing yourself on the paddle board effectively. It might be easier to balance than surfing because paddle boarding is typically done on calmer waters compared with waves on the ocean.

But if you do not learn to balance effectively you cannot be very good at this sport. When you learn how to balance properly you will get a better walking style. Being able to balance yourself on the board can help you perform better when playing other sports that require similar balancing skills.

health benefits of paddle boarding

Have better sleep at night

Paddle boarding has been proven to be able to help people who are having sleeping problems to sleep better at night. This sport is known to be a great relaxer. The more you participate in it, the more your mind will be relaxed.

This can help improve your mood in the day and lead to a nice mood when you are in bed. Sometimes when one is having sleeping problems, it’s because he’s got something in his mind that he can’t get rid of. And most of the time it’s the bad things that are keeping you awake.

Physical exercises can on the one hand life up your mood and on the other hand, get you fatigued. As a fun and practical form of physical exercise, paddle boarding is a great option for people who have sleeping problems. A good mood and a tired body can help one fall in sleep quickly at night. And I don’t need to tell you how important it is to get enough sleep.

If you are having trouble falling asleep at night, go get a paddle board and take yourself out to the water for a fun and entertaining day of paddle boarding. You will find yourself enjoying the sport and having better sleep at night.

health benefits of paddle boarding

Paddle boarding has a lot of benefits other than the above mentioned ones. Learn how to paddle board and take time to go out and enjoy it. After doing it for a while, you would notice a lot of changes taking place in your body as well as your life, like having a better shape, being more energetic in daily life and at work. So why wait, just head to the water and start your own paddle boarding adventure now.

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