How to inflate your paddle board - paddleboard inflation

Table of contents

1. How do you inflate an ISUP board
2. What type of valve is on a paddleboard
3. Can you inflate a paddle board with an electric pump
4. How long does it take for the ISUP board to be inflated
5. Which is better, manual pump or electric pump
6. What is the best electric pumps for inflatable paddle boards in 2022
7. Should I deflate it after paddle boarding? How?


Paddleboard Inflation

When it comes to the life span of a paddleboard, the steps for paddleboard inflation are also important. If you can do the correct inflation, you will protect the paddle board to a great extent. Now the following questions will be answered.

sup inflation

How to inflate an ISUP board

To inflate the board is simple and easy. Here are the steps!

  • First of all, find a flat place and then put the paddle board down. Then remove all the accessories in your bag.
  • 2.Check the valve pin in the upright position. Otherwise, the seal will leak air when removing the pump hose.
  • 3.If it is a manual pump, you need to connect the hose that comes with your hand pump. One end should attach to your paddle board pump and the other to your PSI gauge. If a electric padde board pump, just set the PSI directly. 
  • 4.Insert the pump hose and ensure both ends of hose are connected super tight.
  • 5.Inflate it and then have fun!

What type of valve is on a paddleboard

H3 valve is usually used on SUP board. For it is not unique, you may have an adapter that fits.

Inflating a paddle board with an electric pump

It is a great way to quickly inflate your paddle board. As the name tells you, it is powered by electricity and does not cost you any effort. Actually, to meet the demand for electric pump, many brands have make specialized ones for paddleboard Inflation. 

How long does it take for the ISUP board to be inflated

Since different paddleboard sizes are different, the air pressure to be achieved varies, so the length of time required for actual inflation is also inconsistent. But in general, it usually takes 6 to 10 minutes. The PSI generally reaches about 15. If it is a manual pump, speeding up can reduce the time required.

Which is better, manual pump or electric pump

Whether it is a manual sup pump or an electric sup pump, all have their upsides and downsides.

Let’s start with manual pump. It cost nothing extra, already included by the cost of paddle board. You can inflate your board anywhere and don’t worry about running out of power and not being able to charge. But someone may think it takes lots of energy to inflate which makes he tired.

Now talk about the upsides and downsides of electric pumps. Compared to manual pump, electric one is expensive and must inflate with your car. And it will overheat with use. The upsides of it is raise your time and energy in case you get tired before paddle boarding.

electric pump

The best electric SUP pumps in 2022

  • Goosehill SUP Electric Pump
  • iRocker 12 V Electric Pump
  • NIXY Ventus Paddle Board Electric Pump
  • Atoll Bravo 2 Stage Electric Pump
  • SereneLife Rechargeable Pump
  • Thurso Surf SUP Electric Pump
paddleboard inflation

    Should I deflate it after paddle boarding? How?

    You can deflate the paddle board or not when you finished paddle boarding. But if you do not have enough place at home to place, or you do not want it to take up so much place, deflate it.

    How to deflate the paddle boards? Here comes three steps.

    • Before deflation, please rinse the board and dry it completely.
    • Remove the valve cap and push down on the valve pin, and twist and lock it in the open position. Then there is a loud bang which is normal.
    • After deflation, roll the board.

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