Paddle Board Setup - Get Ready to Paddle

Your inflatable paddle board package comes with a lot of accessories other than the board.

So it’s normal you might feel confused the first time you take them out for a ride.

Actually, it’s pretty easy to set up and get it ready for paddle boarding.

Here’s a quick guide that shows you how to rig up a paddle board setup and get ready for your SUP session.

Inside the package you will find a paddle board, a large backpack that can fit everything in nicely, a pump, a 3-piece paddle, a leash, a center fin, and a user manual. Put everything in the backpack and you can start to head out. Here’s how to rig up a paddle board setup after arriving at your destination.

paddle board setup

Paddle Board Setup - Get ready to paddle

  1. Take everything out from the backpack and unroll the paddle board with the side which the valve and the EVA pad is on facing up.
  1. Press down the valve stem and turn about 90 degree clockwise to see if it’s in the up or down position. If it’s in the down position, press and turn it again to put it back to the up position which will prevent the air from coming out after you inflate the board.
  1. Take the pump and the pump hose out. Connect the non-nozzle side of the hose to the pump. You will see there are two holes on the pump, the right one you should connect the hose to when you want to inflate the board is the one with the initials INF.
  1. Attach the nozzle to the valve and then you can start pumping. The gauge on the pump won’t start register until it reaches about 7-8 PSI. So if you don’t see the needle moving in the beginning, it’s completely normal.

NOTE: The pump that comes with the board is a dual action pump, so in the beginning of pumping, you can attach the red cap into place to engage the dual action setting. After the board reaches about 8 PSI, it will get much harder to pull up, that’s when you want to remove the cap to start pumping the board with single action setting.  

  1. After inflating the board to the recommended PSI, flip the board over to install the center fin. Just slide the fin into the fin box and and put the clip into place to secure the fin.
  1. Assemble the paddle and adjust the paddle to a suitable length for yourself. The general rule of thumb is about six inches above your head.
  1. Attach the leash to the board and to your ankle. If you also bring a personal flotation device, put it on before getting out on the water. For your own safety, we would recommend that you wear a PFD whenever you are out on the water.

 Here's a video guide that shows you how to set up your paddle board:

Here are a few tips you might want to know if you are going out for your first paddle boarding session.

  1. How to stand up on your paddle board
  2. How to go in a straight line
  3. How to perform a forward stroke
  4. How to balance on the board
  5. What to wear for paddle boarding

Safety tips:

  1. We strongly recommend that you use a US Coast Guard approved personal flotation device whenever you are out on the water.  
  2. If possible, bring someone to accompany you, it’s much safer and more fun.
  3. Inspect your board and your accessories thoroughly before getting out on the water to ensure that everything’s working properly.
  4. Do not let your kids paddle alone, always make sure they are under your supervision.
  5. If you don’t know how to swim, we would suggest that you learn how to swim first. It’s much safer if you know how to swim.
  6. Check the weather forecast of your destination before going there so that you can avoid windy or rainy days.

Preparing a paddle board setup is pretty easy. The most important thing to remember is to stay safe and just enjoy the moment. Take some time to learn some necessary paddle board tips and you should be able to paddle quite smoothly in no time.

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