How to Take Good Care of Your SUP - Paddle Board Maintenance

SUP board or Stand Up Paddle boarding is a relatively new type of water sport that originated in Hawaii and is derived from traditional water surfing. In a report published in the US in 2013, paddleboarding has been recognized as an outdoor sporting activity for the first time. It can be used for various types of physical activities like fitness, outdoor recreation, racing, sightseeing, fishing, paddle yoga and paddling in rapid rivers, etc.

In order to use SUP boards for a long time and for more things, you will have to take care of them properly, especially when you are not using them. There are mainly two kinds of stand up paddle boards: hard boards and inflatables. And it might require different effects for keeping them in good condition. Here are the tips you should know. 

Paddle Board Maintenance Tips

Keep your board flat on the floor

When not being used, the most ideal place for your SUP board is the ground. Put it on the ground and let it stay flat without leaning on anything. This rule can be applied to both hard boards and inflatables. Most people would choose to keep their inflatable board inflated after coming home from the paddling, and it’s perfectly okay. The only problem with the inflated board is that it takes up more storage space than when it’s deflated. So as is said previously, set it down on the ground without putting it against anything to avoid deformation of the board.

Paddle Board Maintenance

Avoid dropping your board

Everybody knows to not drop their board, but most of them don’t pay much attention to it. Once you drop the board, especially hard boards, it could cause permanent, severe damage like cracks or dents. Cracks are fatal to a hard board as they would allow water to seep into the inside of the board. Inflatable stand up paddle boards are much more resistant to falling but you should still try to avoid dropping them.

Paddle Board Maintenance

Set down your board properly

While setting your board on the ground you should keep its bottom in an upward direction. It will help to keep its fin safe as it can be damaged when pressed down with the weight of the board. If the fins are detachable, take them off when not in use. Also if you put the surface of the board against a rough surface, it might leave scratches on the nose and the tail of the board. So if possible, try putting something like a piece of cloth underneath the board.

 Paddle Board Maintenance

Avoid exposing the board to direct sunlight

It can be damaging for an inflatable paddleboard to be kept in direct sunlight. You can extend the lifespan of your SUP by placing it in a cool and shady environment. Heat will cause parts of a rigid board to expand, resulting in deforming or even delamination. For inflatable boards, the sunlight would make the exterior age at a much faster rate. So both kinds of boards should be kept away from the sun when not in use.

Paddle Board Maintenance

Wash your board periodically

If you are using your paddle board in salt water, the salt will form into a crust on the surface which is something you don’t want on your board. Perform a deep clean periodically to avoid such things from happening.

 Paddle Board Maintenance

Avoid stacking anything on the board

You should neither stack your inflatable paddle board against anything nor stack any heavy or uneven thing on it. Both ways could leave a permanent dent or mark on your board.

Paddle Board Maintenance

Transport your board correctly 

While traveling with your inflatable SUP board you should handle it carefully and properly. Keep the side with fins facing upward. When strapping the board on your car roof, put the tail in the front so that when it gets loose, the fins can prevent the board from directly slipping off the car roof and give you time to make things right.

Paddle Board Maintenance

If you are new to the sport, it's not only how to paddle board that you need to learn, it's also necessary to know how to take good care of your inflatable SUP board to make it last longer. After having fun with your board, it’s worth taking the time to have your board stored safely. The board will last longer when kept properly so if you want to enjoy the benefits of stand up paddlle paddle boarding and have no plan in replacing your old board with new ones, you should really pay attention to maintaining your board. It's especially important to pay extra attention to taking good care of your SUP if you are one of those people who are into paddleboarding in cold water. In such extreme weather conditions, SUP boards will be more fragile. So extra maintenance is required. Other than proper maintenance, the SUP board itself should be reliable, otherwise, your effects will be in vain. It's always recommended to get a Goosehill Inflatable SUP or SUPs from other big names like redpaddle.

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