One Day at Byron Bay

Byron Bay is the easternmost town of Mainland Australia, meaning it’s directly connected to the ocean. So it attracts all kinds of water sports lovers like surfers, swimmers and paddlers every year. And it’s more than just a simple coastal town. It’s got beautiful beaches, delicious food in the local restaurants, and idyllic natural scenery and more for tourists to enjoy. So what is it like to spend a day at the Byron Bay? Here it is.


How long does it take to get to the Byron Bay?

Byron Bay is fairly close to Brisbane. If you set off from Brisbane, it’ll usually take you two hours to drive there. If you are coming from Sydney, be prepared because you will probably have to drive for 9 hours.


The Food

A wonderful day starts with breakfast. Head to the center of Byron and you’d be surprised by the number of cafes which serve everything from breakfasts to cold-pressed juices and gelato. And you will find more surprises when heading out to the outer area of the town. By the countryside you can find Three Blue Ducks in a local farm which contains heritage-breed pigs, chickens and cattle. The local produce in dishes like house-cursed salmon, sticky spiced lamb shoulder and Byron Bay haloumi is sure to satisfy your desire for a delicious meal. Another local favorite is Fleet. It has limited seats and wine bar that had won praise from the locals and tourists.

 Byron Bay Food

Natural Beauty

Byron Bay’s natural environment is astonishing and worth spending hours to explore. Our first recommendation for exploration is walking down the Cape Byron track when the dawn hits. And as is mentioned previously, the place is the easternmost of Australia, so you will be one of the first person in Australia to see the sunrise. Take a walk in the rainforest and when you are on the windswept cliffs, you will have full view of the ocean and hinterland. If you arrive in Byron Bay between June and November, you might even be able to see humpback whales. Mount Warning is also worth of checking out if you’d like to have a 360 view of the Byron Bay. Another site to check is the Nightcap National Park where you can find dense rainforest, pristine creeks and Minyon Falls. When the night comes, you might even spot some nocturnal animals like bandicoots, tawny frogmouths, and pademelons, etc.

 Byron Bay Nature

The Beaches

The beaches in Byron Bay is what outdoor enthusiasts really love and the main purpose of coming to Byron Bay. And you won’t be disappointed. You can easily find a beach with nice waves for surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, snorkelling or scuba diving. You can easily spot surfers since it’s one of the most popular sports here. Also, you shouldn’t have a problem finding people on the beach or the ocean with a stand up paddle board. Paddle boarding is highly recommended in Cape Byron Marine Park because there’s a chance you can spot bottlenose dolphins and you can have a much clear view standing on a paddle board.

Paddle Boarding Byron Bay