The Most Fun Fishing Activities of 2022 - Paddle Board Fishing

Table of contents

1. What is paddle board fishing.
2. Can you fish on paddle boards.
3. What is the benefits of paddle board fishing.
4. How do you fish on a paddle board.
5. Paddle Board vs Kayak: Which is Better for Fishing.
6. Essential gear list .

Paddle Board Fishing Is Your Priority In 2022

Nowadays paddle board fishing has become a trend. When see others leisurely in the paddle board fishing, are you eager to try but afraid of failure? Don’t worry, now we will tell you what is most important to look for to have a successful first SUP Fishing trip. Here are the questions that we will answer.

paddle board fishing

Suffered from the epidemic for a long time, people feel a more yearning to nature. At this period, SUP have became more and more popular in recent years.Then, paddle board fishing appear and is loved by more and more people. Many people it is a great way to calm down and think about life. In addition, paddle board fishing have many advantages to our health.

Can you fishing on paddle boards

Yes, of course you can fish on a paddle board. But there are some important things to keep in mind before SUP fishing. 

Choosing a SUP expressly designed for fishing or a board that is suitable for fishing. Generally speaking, the wider the board is, the more stable it will be in the water. Therefore, for beginners, it is better to purchase a wider board. 

Paddle boards are found in a variety of widths, the most common width paddle boards are from around 26 inches to 36 inches. Consider the stability , 36 inches width will be the best size for paddle board fishing

Choosing the right place to fishing is also very important. The flat water is considered to the best.

What is the benefits of paddle board fishing

  • Lightweight and easy to transport

The paddle boards, especially inflatable paddle boards are very lightweight and easy to transport. When you're done fishing, deflate and pack it up and take it anywhere you want to go.

  • Reaching fishing spots quickly and easily

With a paddleboard, anglers can quickly and easily reach the spot where the fish are. Many fish prefer to stay in quiet and uncrowded areas, and paddleboards can accommodate you with this.

  • Super-quiet and stealthy

Unlike noisy boats, a stand-up paddleboard is very light and virtually silent as it glides across the water. This means it will reduce the likelihood of fish swimming away from you, making it easier for you to catch your prey by surprise

  • Seeing the fish under the water more clearly

A paddleboard provides a more vantage point to see the fish in the water. Generally people fish from a paddleboard while standing, so you can see the creatures in the water around you more clearly from the paddleboard.

  • Full body workout

Paddle boarding is a full body sport that can be effective in exercising all parts of the body. When to change locations to fish, you need to reach the destination by paddle boarding.

SUP fishing

How do you fish on a paddle board

Once you got your gear ready and you’re on the lake, there isn’t too much difference between traditional fishing and SUP fishing. However, we do have some tips that should help you have a more enjoyable time, and even help you reel in the big one:

(1) Prioritize learning how to stabilize yourself on an SUP. You might be excited to get out there and fish, but you won’t catch much if you fall over every time you try to take your rod out.

Practice on a mat at home or in a safe water setting the gestures and moves you’ll need to make while you’re fishing. Wading is an option in shallow waters, but you’ll need to be able to stay on your board and reel once you’re in deeper zones.

(2) Always make sure your equipment is tightly secured before you throw your first cast of the day. Even the most experienced SUPers will topple over from time to time.

Most SUPs come with a bungee cord cargo area, and some even come with mounts to install your fishing rack. It doesn’t hurt to take a few seconds to check that everything is securely locked down before throwing your first cast of the day.

(3) Remember to check your local fishing laws.SUP fishing is easier for many fishers because they do not have to worry about the licensing that comes with operating a boat.

However, even if you’re on an SUP, your local fishing laws will still apply to you. Always read up on what you’re allowed to do, and make sure to purchase tags and have them on you or your SUP when you go out fishing.

(4) Lastly, remember to enjoy yourself and just have fun! One of the top reasons many fishers switch over from boats and kayaks to SUPs is because they’ve found SUPs makes it easier to enjoy their natural environment.

A SUP is less disruptive than a large and noisy boat, and nowhere near as restrictive as the typical kayak. If you’re looking to have a good time, and want to try a new way of fishing, then Paddle Board Fishing may be the perfect sport for you!

    Paddle board vs kayak: which is better for fishing

    When it comes to which of the two is better, it's actually really hard to tell. Because everyone's needs are not the same. But what is certain is that they have a few differences. Everyone can choose according to their needs.

    • Transportation

    When considering the advantages, there are many factors to consider. First of all, kayak transportation is very difficult. If you have only a small car for transportation, it is impossible to finish transporting kayaks. Paddleboards, especially inflatable paddleboards, on the other hand, are much lighter in weight and more portable. You just need to deflate and roll it up and pack it away.

    • Comfortableness

    When actually fishing, kayaks can only be fished standing up. Although this is a very good posture for fishing, but for a long time it will be very tired and want to sit down to rest. And the paddle board offers this possibility. The paddle board has a cooler, which can be used to store things, and can also be used as a seat.

    • Maneuverability

    Paddleboarding and kayaking are about the same speed. However, paddle boards are more flexible and easier to steer than kayaks. Also, the paddleboard moves much less loudly than a kayak, meaning you can approach the fish quietly.

    Essential gear list

    If you still don't know what to bring, here's a list for you

    • Paddleboard: Since it is paddle board fishing, of course, there is no shortage of paddle boards. If you want to explore more about the best fishing SUPs in the market, then please check out our best fishing paddle boards reviews.
    • Fishing tools: There are many tools for fishing, including fishing pole, rod holder, tackle, anchor, fish bait, ankle leash, bucket, net and etc
    • PFD. Safety is really the most important thing, no matter where you go, make sure you are safe. The most common device is a sup life jacket or sup leash.
    • Cooler: Can be used as a seat when resting
    • Sun protection: Protect your eyes and see clearly around you even in the sunlight.

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