Practical Stand Up Paddle Board Storage Ideas

We all love paddleboarding and knowing how to store paddle boards correctly will go a long way in prolonging the lifespan of your SUP.

Paddle board storage can be a problem for certain people. But stories of broken inflatable paddle boards in storage or even mold can be avoided with correct storage.

If you live in an area where winters are harsh and long, unless you enjoy paddle boarding in the middle of winter, you will have your board stored for a long time.

For these cases, it is recommended to take further precautions if you want to be paddleboarding when the warm weather comes around.

A solid board is an investment, but it is also 10-12 feet long, which means that storing it inside isn't always easy.

Where an inflatable paddle board is easier to store, leaving it in the carry bag for such an extended period of time will crease the board.

But these creases will disappear the moment you inflate your board.

You can store your board inside or outside, just make sure you avoid areas that can get too cold or too hot.

Also, keep your board away from moisture because that’s where mold comes from.

Storing your SUP inside

Inside is the best place to store both a rigid board and an inflatable paddle board, because it protects the board from heat, cold and moisture. If you can keep it inside the house, then lucky you, as these are the best places because the temperature inside is regulated. But not everyone has the room for a large item like that, so if you want to store it in a shed and a garage, it’s okay, for both a hard board and inflatable SUP.

store your SUP board inside

Storing your SUP outside

Storing your hard board outside isn't a problem, because not everyone has the space to keep it inside, but you need to protect it from various elements in order to be able to paddle board when the summer comes around. Keep it covered and protected from rain, snow, and direct sunlight. A weather-resistant tarp should be more than enough, but if you can use something more solid, obviously, it would be better.

store your stand up paddle board outside

Tips for storing your SUP

  1. You can keep your board either in or out of the bag. This applies to both hard boards and inflatable boards. Keeping the board in its day bag will cause no harm, but make sure you clean off your board and dry it before storing.

Store your stand up paddle board outside

  1. Avoid direct contact withthe floor. The floor in a garage or shed can get very cold and direct contact with coldness and moisture can damage your board. There are several ways you can keep your board off the floor:   

store your padddle board outside

---On a rack: Either make your own or buy one from a local store or online. Use straps and padding that will hold the board safely without damaging it. If the rack you make/use is one that runs across the whole body, as opposed to the racks that only hold the edges, then rest your board with the deck (the part you stand on) face down. This will avoid any possible damage to the hull.  

store your SUP board on a stand up paddle board rack  

---Suspended: You can suspend your SUP from the ceiling to keep it out of the way and off the floor. How you do this is completely up to you, as there are many ways to hang something from the ceiling. Make sure you hang your board with the hull facing the ceiling.     

paddle board suspend

---Leaning: Leaning your board against a wall sometimes is the only solution. Never lean your board on its nose, and it is recommended you put some padding between the board and the floor and between the board and the wall. Also, strap the board or use some pegs to stop it from falling over.

lean your paddle board on the wall

You can store an inflatable board in the same way as a hard board, but deflate it slightly to allow for expansion in slightly warmer weather.

Storing an inflatable SUP deflated

If you have no space to store an inflatable board as you would a hard board, then deflate and roll up but follow these steps:

- Always leave the valve open

- Don't roll it up too tight, leave it loose

- Clean and dry the board before storing

- Keep in a cool, dry place

paddle board storage ideas

Weight Distribution

Make sure that you distribute the weight of your hard board evenly in storage, because it can deform if you don't distribute the weight evenly. This is even more important when storing inflatable boards that are inflated.

stand up paddle board weight distribution

Avoid too much pressure

Don't hold your hard board or inflatable in place too tight with straps. The pressure can deform your board over time. Make sure the board is secure, but there is room for movement.

paddle board storage inflate to proper pressure

If you know how to store paddle boards properly, you should be able to paddle board for many years to come with your board. The longer you paddle, the better it is for your health. There are a lot of health benefits of stand up paddle boarding you might not know. So you will also benefit from expanding its lifespan.