Stand Up Paddle Board Gear Checklist - SUP Equipment

If you are a rookie at stand up paddle boarding, there are a few notes for you to take before you go out and start your very first SUP session. Other than learning some necessary tips like how to balance on a SUP board, you should also know what to bring with you to your SUP session.

It's something thats easily ignored by a lot of SUP newbies. You are going to need more than just your paddle board and paddle. Below is a brief list of what you might need in your SUP session.

Necessary Paddle Board Gear:

  - Your stand up paddle board

  - A SUP paddle

  - A Personal Flotation Device(PFD)

  - A pump for inflatable SUP boards, either electric or manual

  - Center Fin or two small fins if your board comes with them.

  - A SUP leash

  - A rescue whistle if you are not a very good swimmer

  - A flashlight or headlamp if you are going to be paddling at night or in low light condition

SUP leash 

Other stuff that is not SUP-related

  - Sunscreen, it’s especially important for kids.

  - Lip balm

  - Sunglasses 

  - Water and food. If you are going to be staying on the water for a long time, consider bringing food like snacks, sandwiches or even lunch with you. Also, use a proper touring stand up paddle board will make your trip more enjoyable.

  - Your phone in a protective case. If for some reason, you can’t or don’t feel like leaving your phone in your car, consider getting a protective/waterproof case/bag for your phone with a lanyard so that you can attach it to something to prevent it from sinking to the bottom of the water when you drop it.

  - A small-sized First-aid kit

  - Gopro or camera with waterproof case. If you want to take photos or shoot videos, get a case to protect your devices. There are mounts for Gopro for SUP boards on Amazon, consider getting one of those to secure your Gopro on your board.

  - A Towel. There’s no guarantee that you won’t fall into the water, get a towel and it might come in handy at some point during your trip.


Extra items

The items listed below might not be useful for your SUP trip. But they can make the trip easier or more enjoyable depending on what kind of SUP trip you are going to be taking.

  - A dry bag or two depending on how many items you are bring.

  - GPS. Useful when you are taking a long trip but unnecessary when you are bringing your phone.

  - A map of the local area. It could be useful if you are paddling in an unfamiliar environment.

  - A compass that floats.

  - A knife. Could be useful when you are paddling on a jungle river.


Bringing too much stuff to your SUP session might not be the best idea since it could make your board unnecessarily bulky. But some of these paddle board gear can affect your SUP experience greatly. It’s worth spending time figuring out what kind of SUP trip you want to do and what items will be helpful in the trip.

Some of the stuff is good to have and if the place you are paddling is close to where you park your car, consider bringing them and put them in your car so that they are within easy reach when you need them. This is just a brief list of items for a short SUP session, if you are planning a SUP trip in which you'll be spending more than one day on the water or in the wild, you'll need more things. Here's everything you should know about SUP touring if you are interested in long hours of paddling and adventure on the water/in the wild.

It’s just a brief list of paddle board gear you might need in a SUP session. If you think there is other stuff that can be useful in a SUP trip that we haven’t mentioned on the above list, be sure to let us know.

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