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The fin system is an important part of a stand up paddle board. Without a fin, your SUP experience will be completely different. You might use a fin every time you paddle, but do you know how it works? I guess most paddlers are not familiar with how the paddle board fins work. The fin system might look simple, but it does more than you’d think. In the content below I will show you what SUP fins are for.

What are paddle board fins for?

The most obvious function of a paddle board fin is to help you go in a straight line easier when paddling. Fins of different shapes will perform differently and as we’ve mentioned before, affect your SUP experience greatly.

Paddle board Fin

Generally speaking, the size of the base and tip of the fin will affect your board’s ability to turn and its stability. Usually, a paddle board fin with a low profile will have less drag and make your board travel faster on the water. It also makes it easier for you to turn the board around. But with a smaller surface area also means it will be less stable than a larger fin. And going in a straight line won’t be as easy as using a larger fin.

Paddle board Fin

So whether you should choose a larger fin or a smaller fin really depends on what kind of SUP experience you are looking for. If you are a beginner and having trouble balancing on the board or going in a straight line, which is common for rookies, a bigger fin is definitely going to help make things better. Also, bigger fins are also more suitable for paddlers who enjoy casual paddling or cruising. With a big fin, going in a straight line is much easier and requires much less effort. It might not be as fast as a small fin as it can’t cut through the water as quickly as a small fin, but if you are willing to sacrifice a little speed in exchange for ease and stability, then it’s definitely worth it.

Paddle board Fin

When it comes to actually choosing a paddle board fin, there are actually more choices than simply a big one and a small one. Fins of different shapes offer different SUP experiences. If you are going to be doing a little bit of surfing, racing, and cruising at different times, then you might need to pick one that’s versatile and able to handle them all nicely. For surfing, go for a fin that’s upright to get that responsive feel that every surfer needs. You will also benefit from an upright fin when you are trying to do a buoy turn in a SUP race. It can give you a faster response when taking a turn, thus helping you make the turn faster.

Paddle board Fin

When choosing a paddle board fin, you should first figure out what you are looking for. Even if one fin works well for someone else doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you. If possible, always try and paddle with different fins before making the final decision. And what kind of fin you can use also depends on the kind of fin box you have on your board. Two of the most common paddle board fin boxes are the US fin box and the slide-in fin box. You can find the US fin box system on most hard boards and some inflatable boards. And the slide-in fin box system is mostly seen on inflatable SUP boards. Now one fin might come with two different versions to fit the two fin box systems but that’s not a guaranteed thing. So make sure the paddle board fin you choose can work with the fin box system on your board.

Paddle board fin is one part of a board that worth spending time researching into, no matter if you are an experienced or rookie paddler. With the right SUP fin, you can make learning some SUP skills like going in a straight line or taking a buoy turn much easier. 



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