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7 Steps To Set Up Your Stand Up Paddle Board

(1) To get started, take out all components from the paddle bag.


(2) Once the inflatable paddle board is unrolled, locate the inflation valve on top of the board and the pin inside. Twist to make the pin spring into the upright position. This will stop air from escaping after your board is inflated.

(3) Next, take out the pump and connect the hose with the nozzle end to the inflation valve on the board. To do this, push the hose down and twist clockwise to lock it into place.

(4) Then, attach the other end of the hose to the sup hand pump and push the feet of the pump into the ground for leverage as you begin to inflate. On the back of the pump is a small dial. When the dial is turned to the right, the pump will push air into your board as you push down and pull up on the pump handle to help expedite the process.


(5) Start pumping! The needle on the gauge won’t begin to move until the board hits around 7psi of air. Note, there is a significant difference between a deflated board and 7psi. Visually, the board will look practically full once you reach that threshold.

Continue to pump until the board is hard and fully inflated — around 12-15psi. Once the board is fully inflated, secure the cap on the inflation valve. No need to worry about over-inflating, Sup pump will prevent the board from taking in too much air!


(6) Place the screw with the plate at the bottom into the fin box so that the bolt is pointed thread end upward. The superbolt should be towards the nose end of the fin box. Next, fit the sup fin into the box, aligning the previously placed bolt to go through the hole at the base of the fin.

Tightly fasten the nut to the bolt to secure the fin in place.  Finally, attach the leash. Locate the metal d-ring at the tail of the paddle board and loop the leash tie through it.

(7) Take the velcro strip and loop it through the leash tie. The other end of this will go around your ankle once you are on the board.

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