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Romantic SUP Dating activities with lovers

Always go to the cinema for a date and get called uncreative by your partner? When you think about this question, it means that you value your relationship very much and hope that you can enhance your relationship through a special date. 

In fact, dating can not only be indoors, but also outdoors. SUP water sports, for example, will not only provide time alone, but also a close proximity between two people. For couples, a date on a paddle board will surely be a date to remember.

SUP Yoga: Benefits, Poses and Tips

SUP Yoga, as the name implies, is the practice of modern yoga on a stand-up paddleboard, sometimes with specific transitions between poses, usually by placing the paddleboard in calm water, such as a lake. 

People have been practicing yoga for over 5000 years in search of sama, or balance in yoga terms. Most yoga lovers, or yogis, will test their balance on anything - from elevated objects to a slackline (YogaSlackers) and even on each other (AcroYoga). In 2009, someone somewhere along the line thought to combine the two disciplines, and that's how paddleboard yoga came about.

7 Fun Things You Can Do On Your SUP
Paddle boarding is awesome, especially during your first forays into the sport when even being able to stand up on your board is exciting and new. Once you get the hang of things, it’s time to unlock your full SUP potential. There are tons of exciting things that you can do on your SUP and all you need to do is go out and try them. Here are some of our team’s favorites.
5 Ways to Get Fit with a Paddle Board
In recent years, the popularity of sup yoga has soared. It’s an exhilarating mind-body workout that combines strengthening and muscle toning. An energetic yoga flow can burn around 500 calories in an hour. While yoga is one of the best ways you can get exercise, doing yoga on a paddle board adds a whole other layer to this exercise routine. Compared to traditional studio yoga, doing yoga on the paddle adds an element of balance. In addition, it allow you to be in nature while doing yoga, that’s one of the reason why people love it. This provides an element of peace and serenity that you don’t normally get in the studio.
Paddle Board Fishing
Nowadays paddle board fishing has become a trend. When see others leisurely in the paddle board fishing, are you eager to try but afraid of failure? Don’t worry, now we will tell you what is most important to look for to have a successful first SUP Fishing trip. Here are the questions that we will answer.
Top 5 funs activities on paddle board
Paddleboarding comes with a lot of benefits. If you have not to give it a serious shot, you are missing out on a lot of fun benefits. SUP yoga, touring and fishing is some of the common benefits. Additionally, a regular paddler is also as fit as a fiddle. Indeed, when you buy a paddle board, you get entertainment, exploration, exercise, and fun on the water that you can't get elsewhere.

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