Paddle board price FAQs you need to know

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1.Are paddle boards expensive.
2.How much does a paddle board cost.
3.Why do epoxy(hard) board cost more.
4.The paddle boards is worth the price.
5.How much should I spend on a stand up paddle board.
6.Is it necessary to spend money on surfing lessons.

Paddle board price FAQs 

Are paddle boards expensive

Among the various sports, stand up paddleboarding does get a little expensive. However, in the long run, Inflatable paddle board have a long life span of 3 to 5 years, which on average does not cost a lot of money a year. It included SUP accessories.

Paddle board price

Moreover, the materials used for the paddle board are required to be of very good quality, so the production cost is also relatively high, so the price is relatively reasonable.

How much does a paddle board cost

A full paddle boarding set up with the board, leash, fin, and all the accessories you need to get started will typically cost $500 to $1,200.

Hard SUP boards can cost anywhere between $700 to $2,000.

The price depends on the size, quality, and construction of the board. All of these aspects play a part in the price.

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Why do epoxy(hard) board cost more

Compared to inflatable paddleboards, epoxy board is more expensive to make raw materials and more difficult to make process. In addition, because the hardboard can not be folded and contracted, the size is larger in the actual transportation process, and with the heavier itself, the shipping cost is more expensive. All together, epoxy boards are a little more expensive.

The paddle boards is worth the price

First of all, a paddleboard is not a disposable sporting good, but an item that lasts for years and is of long-term benefit. In addition, the cost of making a paddleboard includes design, raw materials, technology, labor, time, transportation, etc. 

Also, when you buy a paddleboard you have not only a paddleboard, but also a backpack, inflatable tube, paddles and more. A 3 year warranty is usually included to save on repair costs.

How much should I spend on a stand up paddle board

When it comes to the cost that you need to spend, it really depends on your budget. The average paddleboard costs between $300 and $2,000. There are low cost versions of paddleboards, cost effective paddleboards, and high quality paddleboards. 

If you have enough budget, you can just choose a paddleboard that is $1000 or more. If you don't have enough budget, but use it more often, it is recommended to choose a super high quality paddleboard with a price/performance ratio of about $700. If you don't play much and don't have much budget, an inflatable paddleboard for about $400 will satisfy your needs.

Because the purchase of the paddleboard itself already includes the inflatable tube and paddle and so on, so no need to spend extra money to buy these.

Is it necessary to spend money on surfing lessons

Signing up for a class depends on a variety of factors, including your age and fitness level, your familiarity with the ocean, your surfing experience, and the type of beach you have access to.

If you are a determined individual, you have the proper arm and leg strength and balance skills, you are willing to learn surfing etiquette, and you are able to learn on a safe, beginner-friendly beach with small waves and low currents, then you are perfectly capable of learning to surf on your own. And there are now many relevant and detailed learning videos on the Internet.

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