10 Essential Paddle Board Accessories - Best SUP Accessories Reviews

Table of contents

1. Electric Paddle Board Pump
2. Personal Floatation Device (PFD)
3. Waterproof Phone Case
4. Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle
5. Waterproof Waist Pack
6. Rolling SUP Backpack
7. Floating Sunglasses
8. Paddle Board Bag
9. Action Camera
10. SUP Dry Bag
11. SUP Leash
12. Paddle Board Cooler
13. Paddle Board Cup Holder

What make paddle board accessories so important ?

With the right inflatable paddle board accessories, you can have even more fun out on the water. We have done the research for you and put together a guide on the top, 16 items will undoubtedly add to your safety and enjoyment when you’re out on the water

Electric Paddle Board Pump

Save your energy and get yourself SUP electric pump to inflate your paddle board. Manual paddle board pump is extremely tiring and take up a lot of time. With an electric pump, you will save both your time and your arm power!

Inflatable paddle board electric pumps are convenient, easy to use, and work fast.

For people who SUP a lot or have to inflate multiple boards, an electric paddle board pump is a must-have. Where to buy : Amazon-Goosehill electric pump.

inflatable paddle board pump

Personal floatation Device (PFD)

paddle board life jackets

Personal floatation device(PFD) is a vital piece of kit. A lot of people forget to pack one, but the truth is, this could save your life.

Goosehill combined the advantages of the above 4 models to develop a more cost-effective SUP life jacket with greater buoyancy and lighter weight


Waterproof Phone Case

There are amazing SUP apps that you’ll need a phone to access. And you will want to take stunning photos for your virtual friends and followers too.

But most phones aren’t exactly waterproof. That is why a waterproof phone case is another necessary paddle board accessory.

Some, like the Goosehill waterproof phone case, have a transparent cover that allows you to operate your phone. You can take photos and videos while it is still inside the cover. 

waterproof phone case

carbon Fiber SUP Paddle

Paddling is work—it is exciting, but it is work. If you are using a heavy paddle, you’ll get worn out quickly.

Most paddleboards come with an aluminum paddle. While it is great for beginners and light paddling, it’s not the best for avid paddlers.

Lightweight paddles let you SUP faster and with efficient strokes, saving your energy.

Fiberglass paddles are light but they are not the most durable. Carbon fiber paddles, on the other hand, are the lightest and very efficient.


Waterproof Waist pack

Keep your stuff close and dry with an OverBoard waterproof waist pack. Perfect for taking your small valuables out on the water, these waist packs feature a roll top Fold Seal System to ensure your phone, keys, cash, credit card, and other essentials stay dry

waterproof waist pack is level 3 water resistant, meaning that it can keep contents dry during quick submersions. These waist bags feature a submersible main compartment and weatherproof zip pocket on the front, and a handy foldaway water bottle holder is also featured. A waterproof waist pack like this is perfect for cycling, hiking, running or walking in all weathers.


Rolling SUP Backpack

The beauty of inflatable paddle boards is that you can deflate them and easily move them around.

After deflating your board, make use of a backpack to pack it all away inside. Here at Goosehill, we have an option with wheels to make your life even easier!

A rolling inflatable SUP backpack is heavy-duty and provides enough space to store all your essential equipment including a fold-down paddle, leash, pump, fins, and more.

SUP rolling backpack Goosehill

Floating Sunglasses

Here at Goosehill we always implore safe practice. In the summer months, when the UV rays are at their strongest, it is really important to invest in some sunglasses. And what more can we water lovers ask for than floating sunglasses?

We love the collection from amazon. These stylish sunglasses not only float, but they also give 100% UVA and UVB protection. The polarized lenses cut out glare giving you optimal visibility while out on the water. The average cost from $24 to $65 and even save more on black friday.

SUP rolling backpack Goosehill
SUP rolling backpack Goosehill

Paddle Board Bag

Every standup paddle board needs a bag that protect SUPs from the elements and damage—this goes for both inflatables and traditional boards

While many boards come with their own bags nowadays, some of the bags don’t last. They are cheap and come apart easily. In other cases, the bag you get may not be the bag you want.

In order to hold more items in the bag. Goosehill Paddle board bags is spacious, able to fit the board and accessories (for iSUPs).


Waterproof action camera

SUP has many benefits. It helps with your physical health, reduces stress and you get to take some really cool shots. You can use your phone to take photos and videos. Smartphones now come with outstanding cameras and large memories.

But who wants to spend most of their SUP time fiddling with a phone? 

More manufacturers are starting to make boards with fixed action camera mounts. When it comes to buy waterproof action camera, amazon definitely is the best place you should choose. and the average cost of action camera is $70 to $160. 

waterproof action camera

And here is the tutorial for how to mount the action camera on paddle board. The setup tips can be applied for most of the brands , not only gopro.


SUP Dry Bag

A dry bag is a must-have for any water lover adventurer. We recommend a 20L dry bag option, that’s not too big but also practical in what you can fit inside

Store all of your valuables, take a camera along for the ride or even pack a book to read for those really relaxing days. Adjustable straps mean they can be customized to fit anyone across the body, freeing up your hands to keep paddling into the sunset.

The Goosehill waterproof dry bag is outstanding for SUP and all kinds of water activities. It has adjustable straps, comes in multiple colors, is rugged, and reliable.

waterproof action camera

SUP Leash

Like a PFD, a SUP leash is an essential accessory that you should never go paddling without.

A leash ensures that you are always attached to your SUP and this could save your life.

A good leash is comfortable and you even forget that you have it on after a short while.

To learn more about the pros and cons and to find the best leash for you needs, please watch the video tutorial.

Paddle board cooler

Paddle boarding can be thirsty work, so you’ve got to take drinks along to stay hydrated. Also, if you’re out for a while, you’ll probably get hungry and need to replenish your energy. 

Unless I’m planning a particularly short trip, I always load up a paddle board cooler so I can keep my vital supplies chilled and avoid the horror of warm food and drinks. 

So, whether you’re planning a long solo touring trip, a family fun picnic, an on-water party, or need somewhere to keep your fishing bait and catch cool, read on. Open an ice-cold drink, and I’m going to take you through the best paddle board coolers available.

paddle board cooler

Paddle board cup holder

A paddle board cup holder is literally a new SUP accessory on 2022. To use one of these you will need an action mount on your board. So if your board has one then you can get this awesome cup holder sold at  Amazon.com

It screws on to the action mount and holds a can or smaller bottle. I use mine to take out tea with me for morning paddles. I absolutely love it.

Worth mentioning if you do have an action mount is you can also get a phone holder, camera holder, action cam mount, fishing rod holders that all easily screw onto the action mounts.

paddle board cup holder

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