Romantic SUP Dating Activities with Lovers

 Table of contents

1.Have a Picnic
2.Go For a Sunset Paddle
3.Do Yoga Together
4.Watch Fireworks
5.Go Night Paddling
6.Paddle Away on the Water
7.Listen to Music
8.Play Games
9.Do Some Sightseeing
10.Enjoy Snorkeling Activities

SUP dating 

Always go to the cinema for a date and get called uncreative by your partner? When you think about this question, it means that you value your relationship very much and hope that you can enhance your relationship through a special date. 

In fact, dating can not only be indoors, but also outdoors. SUP water sports, for example, will not only provide time alone, but also a close proximity between two people. For couples, a date on a paddle board will surely be a date to remember. 

SUP dating

Below, we've listed 10 things you can use paddle boarding to heat up your love life.

Have a Picnic

A picnic on a tandem paddleboard is a lot of fun! In a small space, it is as if nature and you are the only ones left. Since you have limited space, choose something like cheese and crackers, sandwiches, sliced vegetables and fruit. Also make sure to bring a dry bag to take leftovers and trash back to shore. There is also the option of using a SUP anchor to help keep your paddle board still on the water. 

Once you've found an epic paddling spot and then a waterproof bag for all your food, you're ready to go. If you're worried about your SUP being too small, you can take two paddleboards out, but there will be less opportunity for cuddling.

Don't forget to bring wine and a wine opener, as well as a cooler (to hold all snacks and drinks) on board.

SUP dating

Go for a Sunset Paddle

There is nothing more romantic than rowing against the setting sun and holding each other like the Titanic.

To make this the best date ever, check the sunset time of the day before you head out. Allow enough time to find the right spot so that you both can enjoy the colorful summer sunset. Plus, the sun is particularly beautiful this time of year, so you can use your camera to record the beautiful moment.

SUP dating

Do Yoga Together

If you and your beloved are both yoga enthusiasts, try doing yoga together on a paddle board. This type of date is a quiet way to spend time with your loved one. While listening to the calming sound of the waves and feeling the ocean breeze and sun caressing your skin, you can get the peace and quiet you need through yoga on the water.

SUP dating

Watch Fireworks

Watching fireworks with your significant other is always a magical experience. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a paddle board for two or on separate paddleboards. You can spend time enjoying the water before the fireworks show. After enjoying a paddleboard activity on a two person paddle board, make sure to find a good spot, so you can enjoy watching the fireworks.

SUP dating

Go Night Paddling

After watching the gorgeous and colorful sunset, you can also continue to continue paddling in the moonlight with your significant other. The darkness is not only an adventurous addition, but also a romantic one. 

You can explore the darkness with a headlamp, or just lay on the board together and watch the stars. Or get some incredible LED lights for your paddle board to illuminate the water around you. Different color options can make it look like Las Vegas lights on the water. Create a super romantic atmosphere on the water and possibly increase the chances of a kiss.

SUP dating

Paddle Away on the Water

Sometimes, the best date is paddling. Without having to do much, paddling in calm waters can be a truly relaxing experience. Bring the necessary safety gear and wear comfortable clothes for exercise. In the process, breathe in the relaxation together and enjoy carefree time together. 

You can also reminisce together about the beautiful process of the two of you meeting and knowing each other, as well as planning together for the future that belongs to you.

It is important to note that safety must be a priority and it is best to paddle in waters that are familiar to you and your partner. Also, it's recommended to use a touring paddle board or a slightly longer-than-average board that will give the two of you more room on the board.

SUP dating

Listen to Music

Listening to your and her favorite music on a paddleboard is another way to relax. You can learn about your mutual favorite music ahead of time and download it before you go out. Then, as you sit on the paddleboard, listening to the music you prepared, away from the responsibilities and stress of your daily activities, you and your partner will realize you are in a world of your own. Or yell out some lyrics together to the music and release the stress.

SUP dating

Play Games

If several couples are traveling together, you can invite them to a friendly SUP game series. There are plenty of games to play at stand-up paddleboards, and you can choose from sit-down games, or something more physically demanding. There's paddle baseball, water fights and more to bond and catch up with friends through couples paddle boarding. The occasional giggle from the water will be a memorable time for you.

SUP dating

Do Some Sightseeing

There are many picturesque views by the sea or the lake. If you arrive at a super scenic area and don't know exactly where you want to go, ask the locals or some of the scenic staff for recommendations so you can get there faster and start enjoying the wonderful scenery with your significant other. 

If you are lucky, you may even see dolphins and manatees in the water. There may even be birds flying in the sky. Use this opportunity to take pictures to document the moment.

SUP dating

Enjoy Snorkeling Activities

Stand up paddleboards are much more versatile than you might think. You can take it with you on almost any water adventure. With its maneuverability and flexibility, you can reach any body of water for snorkeling. Take the necessary equipment and your significant other underwater to see the amazing underwater world.


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