Things to Take For A SUP Adventure - Paddle Board Accessories

Standup paddleboarding has become a very popular water sport in recent times. As the name suggests paddlers stand on the boards and propel themselves on water using paddles.

This is a very entertaining and adventurous sport that helps you relax and unwind after a long day at work or at school. It is also a whole body workout. However, these benefits accrue to those who have everything they need for paddle boarding. In general, if you want to get the maximum out of your paddle boarding adventure, don't forget the following items.

Basic Paddle Board Accessories For Adventure

Before thinking about anything else you should have the basic paddleboarding items. Naturally, if you use a blow up paddle board, you would need a pump to inflate the board if you don't want to have the board inflated at home in advance.

Don't forget paddling gloves. Some inflatable SUP boards might come with detachable sup fins and SUP leash, If you are a beginner, it’s suggested you bring them along for the tour.

Fins can help keep the board stable and make it more maneuverable. And the leash can keep the board from floating away from you when you fall into the water.

paddle boarding accessories

A pump and a backpack

If you have an inflatable stand up paddle board, it probably comes with a paddle board electric pump and a backpack.

Don’t forget to bring the pump if you deflate it the last time you use it. An inflatable paddle board has a significant advantage over hard boards and it’s its transportability.

Deflate the board and you can pack it inside a backpack and bring it to the water with ease.

paddle boarding accessories

Medical products

Next in the line comes medical items. Anything can happen while you are on a paddle boarding expedition. Therefore, don't leave a first aid kit behind. Make sure that this kit is fully equipped. You also need a rescue whistle to alert the people around you whenever you are in danger.

paddle boarding accessories

Personal effects

You also need personal effects like wet suits, towels, underwear, and toiletries. This is so especially if you expect to paddle for several weeks or months. Carry hiking boots if hiking is part of the SUP trip. Don't forget sandals, socks, shorts, shirts, and a raincoat.

paddle boarding accessories

Food and drink 

Food is the last thing you will forget to carry when you go for a paddle boarding expedition. You will not enjoy your trip if you are hungry or thirsty. Therefore, bring enough food and drinks for everyone.

If camping is part of the activities to be carried out, you may also need to carry a fire starter so that you can light a fire and make food for yourselves. You also need a complete camping cook set, dish soap, water filter, and a collapsible bucket.

food and drink paddle boarding accessories

Kid-friendly items 

If you are on a SUP trip as a family, carry with you the items that will keep your kids busy. There are also SUP boards for kids and you can consider carrying them as well. Don't forget their toys and sleeping mats as they may fall asleep on the way.

paddle boarding accessories

Assorted items

You also need various items depending on the nature of your paddle boarding trip. If you are on a SUP tour, carry the things that will make your tour eventful such as a compass and a map of the area being toured.

If you will be paddling at night you also need a headlamp or a lantern for lighting. You will not be able to connect with Mother Nature effectively without adequate lighting.

You may also need a sleeping bag and a camping hammock if the activity is expected to last days or weeks. If you are on a SUP fishing expedition, other than bringing the necessary fishing tools like the fishing pole, fishing lines, hooks, plastic worms, bobbers and lures, you should also consider bringing an anchor with you to help stay in the ideal fishing spot after finding one.

paddle boarding accessories

Extra paddle boarding accessories

Just to spice up your paddle boarding activity, you need to carry a camera, bungee cords, sunscreen and chapsticks. You cannot forget to carry your cell phone and its solar charger.

You need to communicate with your folks even as you have fun on the water. Your phone also becomes a security device when things go wrong.

paddle boarding accessories

To sum it all, you don't want to lack anything as you go paddle boarding on the ocean, river or lake. The paddle boarding accessories you bring are just as important as your paddle boarding technique. Make sure that your luggage is as light as possible even as you make sure that you have packed everything.

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