Tips for Fishing on An Inflatable SUP

People are always looking for outdoor activities that promote excitement and meant to challenge them. These activities enable an individual to get a breath of fresh air far away from everyday life while keeping one fit. One such activity is fishing. Initially, individuals fished for food, but modern days people are doing it as a hobby and a type of mental and physical activity. Therefore, individuals are continually coming up with better approaches to make it more energizing and profitable. One of these ways is SUP fishing.

Stand up paddle boarding is also known as stand-up paddle surfing or SUP boarding; it is a generally new water sport and has turned out to be popular for a lot of people. It is done where one stands upright on a surfboard and utilize a long paddle to move about over the water.

One paddle board usage is SUP fishing. It's a brand-new way of fishing that you should try if you haven't. If you love fishing and just learned how to paddle board, be sure to give SUP fishing a shot. Here's what you should know about SUP fishing.


Pros and Cons of Fishing on Stand up Paddle Board


  1. It’s easy to carry and pack the board.
  2. The SUPs come well furnished with all manner of mounts to fit your apparatus.
  3. It can support large weight as of up to 300pounds of fisher and apparatus!
  4. These boards are durable and impervious to most flat surfaces, but vulnerable to sharp items.


  1. It takes a lot of time inflating your fishing SUP board as it can take around 5 to 10 minutes regardless of whether you are using an electric pump.
  2. Not as steady and slower than a hard board- It has a higher center of gravity due to its higher thickness hence less stable.

    SUP Fishing Tips

    If it is your first time trying out this activity, below are the tips to follow to make your SUP fishing experience more productive and convenient.

    1. Look for a license

      One is required to get a permit to fish since different places may have strict rules and you will even need to receive a special permit for specific types of fish. Carry out a little research and never forget to get the important documents. The fines for unlicensed angling are typically steep and they will leave your financial balance truly gouged.

      fishing license sup fishing

      2. Watch the elements

        The breeze, flow, and tides will significantly impact your angling experience since paddle boards are not heavy. Before you set out to go fishing on a fishing SUP board, remember to check the weather, wind direction, current and tide to make sure they won’t stand in your way of SUP fishing.

        weather for sup fishing

        3. Bring only what you need

          A fishing paddle board has constrained space and it cannot hold a lot of weight. It is alright to be energized for the very beginning and you might want to bring everything. But, having an excess gear on that little vessel will put a limit on how fast you can move on the water. It will slow you down and make the trip to your ideal fishing spot unnecessarily long. Additionally, you might end up losing a great deal of apparatus, some of which might be costly. Simply bring only the required gears, like, obviously, your angling rod and tackle sack. If you notice that you have no space to move around, then it’s probably because you’ve brought too much for the trip.

          bring necessary stuff for sup fishing

          4. Have a clear plan

            Be aware of where you are going to fish, how to arrive there and how to get out. The water is erratic so you should always be prepared for accidents even if you are an experienced paddler. If this is your first time SUP angling, make the fishing short. A paddle board isn't equivalent to a vessel; as you will come to figure it out. So it requires skills to paddle and do fishing on it. Take your time to learn and acclimate yourself with a fishing paddle board.

            make a plan for sup fishing


            Changing over a SUP board for angling is simple. For your first day, carry the necessary apparatus and afterward, you can learn what else you need as you become more familiar with the activity. Ensure you pick the right SUP fishing board that best suits you and don't be in a rush. For both safety and convenience apply the above tips to have a great time.

            There are a lot of benefits of paddle boarding you may not know and SUP fishing is just one way to utilize a SUP board. If possible, it's always suggested you try other SUP activities as well. Before you start, note that a suitable fishing paddle board would make the experience more enjoyable. So remember to get your SUP from a reliable brand like Goosehill to have the best experience possible.


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