Top 5 Benefits of Paddleboarding That You May Not Know

More and more people are doing paddleboarding nowadays, and there are reasons for that. Not only is the sport fun and enjoyable for people of different kinds and ages, but it also brings some blissful benefits to the paddlers. With a SUP board, you can open yourself to a new world and find unexpected surprises throughout the experience. Find out what benefits paddleboarding will bring to you in the content below.

1. It improves your balance

While paddleboarding on a SUP board, you need to keep yourself balanced throughout the whole process to prevent falling. You will learn to keep your body upright with water underfoot while paddling on the water. When you can stand and paddle steadily on a SUP board, your performance in other sports will also improve.

Improve your balance

2. It’s a great full-body workout

It may seem like you don’t really have to do much other than paddling to keep the board going. In fact, during the paddling process, most parts of your body are engaged. First, your core will be doing a lot of work because you need to stroke constantly and your abdominal muscles will be engaged. Stronger core muscles will benefit you in a lot of things. Your endurance will improve and your body will be in better shape.

Also, your shoulds and arms are essential in the paddleboarding process. The harder you stroke with your arms, the better the workout it would be. It will significantly improve your upper body strength. After paddleboarding for a few times, you should find that you are able to paddle for hours without being tired out.

During the process, your legs will be tensed the whole time, especially when you are paddling on choppy water. The board will rock constantly and you have to constantly adjust to it to stay balanced. Over time, your leg strength will also grow significantly.

Paddleboarding Full-body workout

Overall, paddleboarding on a SUP Board would have a positive effect on your body shape and you will soon find yourself having a better body image if you can keep doing it.

3. It reduces your stress and gives you a better mood

Paddleboarding also brings psychological benefits. Physical exercises can lead to the release of endorphins which gives you a short-term burst of happiness. After paddleboarding for several times, you will find yourself having better sleep at night, a better mood for everything, and less stress. Gliding on the water is a good way to temporarily set yourself free from all the stress you have in daily life. The state of mental clarity is rare and precious for someone who's constantly stuck at work and it's always nice to be relieved from anxiety and stress from work and daily life once in a while.

Reduce your stress and give you a better mood

4. It can expand your horizon

When paddling on the SUP board, you are viewing the world and all the surroundings at a new angle. If you've never done paddle boarding before, you would find the feeling of being so close to the surface of a lake or a river quite unique. It can open your mind and expand your horizon in a way that no other things can.

Expand your horizon

5. It helps you meet new people

Paddleboarding is growing rapidly in popularity throughout the world. You will meet new people and perhaps be able to make friends with like-minded people.

Meet like-minded people while paddle boarding

The benefits of paddleboarding are not limited to the ones listed above. you will discover more as you learn how to paddle board. If you haven't given paddleboarding much thought, now it's time to seriously consider doing it. And there's more than one SUP board usage you can try. You can go fishing, racing, and even surfing with your board if you want. All you need is a suitable SUP board and a good place for the activity, you will find yourself hooked on the sport soon after you start doing it. 


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