Top 5 Gifts for SUP Enthusiasts

Last year stand up paddle boarding rapidly and unexpected became mainstream, and the number still keeps growing.

So it’s very likely that you will have a friend or family member who might be into stand up paddleboarding.

Since paddle boarding wasn’t very popular until last year, you might have a hard time trying to find an appropriate gift for an enthusiast of paddle boarding.

Since it’s a water sport, it shares a lot of accessories with other popular sports like kayaking, canoeing, etc. So choices for a suitable gift for a paddler are actually more abundant than you’d think.

In fact, with a little digging into the field, you might be able to find some pretty cool stuff as gifts for a SUP enthusiast.

But if you don’t have the time to do the research, here’s a gift guide for those of you who are in search of a nice gift for a paddleboarding enthusiast.

If you haven't tried stand up paddle boarding and wonder why so many people are hooked, just give it a try and you'll know. Here's a wonderful inflatable paddle board to start with, the Goosehill Sailor inflatable paddle board. It's one of the best paddle boards to start with.

Gifts for SUP enthusiasts

Top 5 Gifts for SUP Enthusiasts

Paddle boarding gift choice No. 1: SUP Paddle

If you happen to be a paddler as well, you should know how important the paddle is. A paddle can affect your SUP experience greatly. Most inflatable paddle boards come with an aluminum paddle. Don’t get me wrong, it can work. But there are better choices out there, like a carbon fiber paddle. Carbon fiber paddles are significantly lighter than aluminum paddles. Since you’ll be taking strokes constantly, a lighter paddle would actually make it much easier for you. It’s a great gift for SUP enthusiasts of all skill-levels.

gifts for SUP enthusiasts

Our top pick would be the Goosehill Pure Carbon Fiber paddle. It’s lightweight, durable and being an adjustable paddle, it also offers maximum portability. It’s a paddle that can serve you nicely no matter if you are just casually cruising on a lake or racing in a SUP competition.


Paddle boarding gift choice No. 2: PFD

Safety is always the most important thing to put into consideration when you go outside and play around on your paddle board. And a personal flotation device is essential and effective in protecting you when you fall off. But some paddlers are not willing to or often forget to wear one because traditional buoyancy aids are mostly bulky and seriously restrict the user when they put them on. And that’s when compact inflatable PFD came out. You can find some nice compact inflatable PFDs out there which attaches to the waist of the user. It stays quietly on your waist and won’t get in your way when you move around or paddle.

gifts for SUP enthusiasts

Our recommendation is the NRS Zephyr inflatable PFD. It’s U.S. Coast Guard certified as a Type III life jacket. The overall design was low-profile and slim but offers great comfort and maneuverability when you put it on and paddle on the water.


Paddle boarding gift choice No. 3: Waterproof camera

The third gift we picked might exceed your original budget, but it’s one that we don’t want to skip and think is one of the most thoughtful presents you can give to a paddleboarder. If the friend or family member you are giving the gift to loves taking pictures, consider getting a GoPro camera with a proper mount to secure the camera on the board. GoPro’s cameras are very good choices for taking action shots and recording a SUP trip on the board. One day, those shots and videos will become great memories and they’ll be thankful of you for getting them the camera.

gifts for SUP enthusiasts

Paddle boarding gift choice No.4: Waterproof Bluetooth speaker

Playing music out loud might make you become the target of public criticism. But a little music in the background while you are alone on a lake might not be the worse idea. If the person enjoy a little alone-time on the water, a Bluetooth speaker playing music on the deck of your board might actually make your trip more enjoyable. And if your friend is the kind of person who enjoys loneliness, he/she might actually appreciate a gift like this. Go for a waterproof Bluetooth speaker that has the ability to attach itself securely onto the board.  

 gifts for SUP enthusiasts

Check out the JBL Clip 3 waterproof portable bluetooth speak. It’s got a simple and compact design. It has IPX7 waterproof rating, which is totally enough for using on the water. And the integrated carabiner allows you to attach it to your paddle board safely and securely. The 10-hour playtime is more than enough for a single trip.


Paddle boarding gift choice No.5: Wall rack

To certain people, storing a paddle board could be a real problem. Some people would like to store the board inflated, which is going to take up a lot of space. One good idea is to hang the board on the wall, and all you need to do that is a pair of wall racks.

gifts for SUP enthusiasts

The COR Wooden wall mount is an eco-friendly choice over traditional metal wall racks. It’s made of sustainable bamboo and allows you to put up to 3 boards on it at the same time. If your friend or family owns more than one board, which is quite common for SUP enthusiasts, you should definitely consider getting them one to help them solve the storage problem.


Paddle boarders are the kind of people that are fairly easy to shop for. Just a little bit of effort and you should be able to easily find some nice gifts for SUP enthusiasts. Above are just some of the presents that we think would be ideal for a SUP enthusiast. There are a lot more to be discovered by you.

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