Top 10 Must-have Stand Up Paddle Boarding Accessories

10.SUP Carrying Strap

10 Paddle Boarding Accessories You Should Know

When you have finished the selection of the paddle board, you may face the problem of choosing accessories, which can be easy to get carried away. SUP accessories can make your adventures more fun, safer and they offer convenience.
Nevertheless, the range of paddle board accessories can be immense and it’s difficult for beginners to choose the accessories they need from all the products on the market. So here, we put together a guide on the top 10 accessories you should be adding to your SUP collection. These additional accessories will help you paddle away in style this summer!

SUP Leashes

A SUP board leash allows you to be connected to your board in any scenario, and can function as a passive safety device in rough conditions. Whether you're surfing or going on an ocean adventure, you don't have to worry about being separated from the paddle board and end up exhausted trying to catch it. Leash is definitely one of these must-have paddle boarding accessories for your safety.

There are two basic kinds of cords for the leash: the coiled and the straight one. Coiled leashes are more safe to use while padding, which ensures you don’t get tangled up while paddling and have a minimal drag in the water. Make sure you buy one that is high-quality and comfortable.

SUP leash

Belt pack PFD(personal flotation devices)

Like a leash, a PFD is also an essential accessory that you should never go padding without. Having a life vest can protect you in rough conditions and can give you the confidence to brave any environment during paddleboarding adventures.

After all, anything can happen out there even in calm water. If you don't like the feel of a regular PFD, consider getting one that goes around your waist and can be inflated by pulling a string. After a few minutes you’ll likely forget you even have it on. In a word, safety-of-life always comes first. This is definitely the ultimate security measure to keep you safe in the water.

SUP Paddle

You have to have a paddle which is one of the base accessories for paddle boarding. The kind for inflatable paddle boards break down into two or three pieces and can fit in the bag with the paddle board. However, paddling is work. If you are using a heavy paddle, you’ll get worn out quickly. Lightweight paddles let you SUP faster and with efficient strokes, saving your energy. 

Most paddle boards come with an aluminum paddle, which is great for beginners and light paddling. While Carbon fiber sup paddles are the lightest and very efficient. Carbon fiber is also the material of the paddle equipped with Goosehill’s touring Sups and racing Sups.

SUP Paddle

SUP Dry Bag

Do you want to bring you valuable possessions with you on the water? Perhaps your phone, keys, camera, or even clothes? This is one that would be in the must have section if it weren't so easy to find a solution. SUP dry bags are watertight and can float, meaning you will never lose your keys or phone to the water or wet other things when paddle boarding.

They come in different colors and sizes and are easy to carry. Dry bags also have adjustable shoulder straps to fit anyone across the body, freeing up your hands to keep paddling into the sunset.

Dry bag

Paddle Board Seat

Imagine, the weather is perfect, you’re on a lake and want to relax for a while. What would you do? Yep, you start paddling on the board. After a while your back starts hurting a bit, you’re not comfortable and get tired of standing.

Well, there is a solution for this: a paddle board seat is a cool contraption that allows you to have a comfortable rest when paddle boarding. They are a must for beginners and people of all skill levels who plan to paddle longer distances.

The seat is equipped with adjustable straps in order to be installed according to each person’s needs. It doesn’t slip around in the deck. And the back support is also pretty decent. Don’t be afraid it’s not easy to install. Just clip the adjustable straps on to the four D-rings, and the seat will fit nearly any size board.

SUP seat

Paddle Board Air Pump

You have to have a way to inflate your paddle board and whether it’s by using the SUP hand pump or paddle board electric pump. Of course, you will save both your time and your arm power with an electric pump.

For a paddle boarder who has to inflate multiple boards, it is just too much work. However, dual-action hand pumps are quieter and more portable than the electric ones. You don’t have to worry about charging when there is no power, which is a good standard option.

SUP pump

SUP Backpack

All good Paddle boarders understand that you need to store your inflatable paddle board and gear away when travelling to a destination of choice, or for storing away when not in use. They are also very handy when you are carrying your board to a beach or even taking it on a hike to a distant mountain lake.

SUP backpacks are large enough to fit all the essential accessories: your board, paddle, pomp,ect. They are great for keeping your board safe when out of the water. Just make sure your inflatable paddle board is completely dried off before putting it in its bag.

SUP backpack

Waterproof Phone Case

Leaving the phone on land when going paddling is not an option for many paddle boarders. If you run into trouble, at least you can contact someone to help you out. 

Or you just play with the phone and take photos on the paddle board. But bringing your mobile phone on your SUP board can be a problem. It could get wet, or even worse, fall into the water.

Most of phones aren’t exactly waterproof, that is why a waterproof phone case is another necessary paddle board accessory. The specialized transparent film allows use of all phone functions while being protected. For extra security, it even has a lanyard neck strap to keep your hands free for paddling.

waterproof phonecase


SUP Cooler

Whether you’re into SUP fishing or just need something to keep drinks and snacks cool during your paddling adventures, a SUP cooler is an essential SUP accessory that paddlers of all types can enjoy.

The nice thing about a SUP cooler is that it is the perfect size to fit on a SUP board. They typically come with straps and have attachment points for hooking them to the D rings on your paddle board.

Generally. the bag comes with a shoulder sling to set your hands free. It is also water resistant, so that You can safely store drinks and food for you day out on the water. Nothing like cracking open a cold drink while enjoying sunset on the water!

SUP Carrying Strap

Carrying an inflatable SUP over a short distance is easy. But over longer distances, it can be too much for one person, especially on those super hot summer days. Having a SUP carry strap will allow you to easily carry your paddle board, paddle, and accessories and still have a free hand.

This is an adjustable strap, so it is great for everyone, tall or not. Fitting paddle board carry straps could not be easier. Simply clip them on to the D rings near the nose and tail of your board so that you can carry your board by slinging the strap over your shoulder. No more uncomfortable gripping on fingers edges and using your hip as support!

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