How to Turn Your Inflatable SUP Board Into A Kayak

Inflatable SUP Board

Paddle boarding and kayaking are two popular water sports right now.

Each sport requires different equipments.

But what if I tell you there’s a way you can enjoy both sports with only one inflatable SUP board?

Well, it’s true. There are accessories out there which allow you to turn an inflatable SUP into a kayak.

Below are the paddle board accessories you need to turn an inflatable paddle board into a kayak and how to do it.

The Benefits of Turning An Inflatable SUP Into A Kayak


  1. It saves money

Both an inflatable standup paddle board and a kayak are expensive. If you can do both with only one inflatable SUP, there’s really no need to spend extra money on another expensive item, unless what you are aiming for is the original kayaking experience.

  1. It doesn’t take up as much space

An inflatable SUP board can take up a lot of space when it’s inflated, so is a kayak. If you live in a small apartment, storing both an iSUP and a kayak could be a real issue as you might not have enough space. And the good thing about an inflatable SUP is that you can deflate it when you are not using it, which would save a lot of space.

  1. It’s a whole new experience

Paddle boarding is quite different from kayaking, and an iSUP to kayak conversion kit can convert your SUP board to a kayak and give you a whole new kind of experience. Wouldn't it be nice to have something different every once in a while?

What you need to convert your iSUP to a kayak

Basically there are two main items you need in order to transform your SUP board into a kayak, one is a kayak seat and the other is a kayak paddle. Note that you need to make sure your inflatable SUP has the D-rings which are required for the installation of the kayak seat.

  Kayak Seat

The kayak seat is the first and most important thing to have for the iSUP-to-kayak transformation of your paddleboard.

kayak seat

Inflatable SUP Board

The installation of a kayak seat is fairly easy. All you need to do is attach the seat to the four D-rings on your SUP. Since not all SUP boards have the right D-rings for the kayak seat, you need to make sure yours has them before you get the seat.

We would recommend that you get a kayak seat with a high backrest like the Goosehill Kayak Seat which is comfortable to sit on since it offers maximum back support.

  Kayak Paddle

You can use your regular paddle board paddle but it won’t be as good as a kayak paddle. A kayak paddle has blades on both sides which make paddling when you are sitting on the SUP board much easier. There are accessories that can transform your detachable paddle board paddle into a kayak paddle. And you can always get a real kayak paddle if you prefer.

Inflatable SUP Board

How to install your kayak seat

  Step 1. Center the kayak seat

The kayak seat should be placed on the middle of the board where you would usually stand on when paddling.

Inflatable SUP Board

  Step 2. Attach the seat to the D-rings

After putting the seat on the right position, you can start to secure the four straps.

Inflatable SUP Board

  Step 3. Adjust the straps

The straps on the kayak seat allow you to adjust the seat to find the most comfortable position. Once the seat is secured on your board, you can start to adjust the straps.

Inflatable SUP Board

If you have been paddling a lot and want to try something new, you should definitely try converting your SUP to a kayak. It's going to be a lot of fun. 

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