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Paddle boarding itself is fairly easy, but it actually requires some preparations before you actually head out and get on the water. And deciding what to wear is one of the most important things you should do before getting out. If you are one of those SUP enthusiasts and will go out and paddle during winter, you should know how low the sea temperature is in the UK.

The sea and air temperature can vary hugely in the UK in different seasons, so if you’d be paddling in all four seasons, you need to know how to dress properly.

An important factor to take into consideration when deciding what to wear is the air temperature. Also, you should pay attention to the temperature of the water you are going to be paddling on. So to some degree, what you should wear depends on how skillful you are and how likely you will fall in. Our recommendation is that if you see yourself falling in a lot, you’d better wear something that can keep you dry and warm when you do.

If you are going to be paddling on the sea on a hot summer’s day, then you probably won’t need much clothing other than swimming shorts and perhaps a rash vest to protect yourself from direct sunlight. If you are going to be paddle boarding in winter, the most important thing is to keep yourself warm at all times, even when you fall in. So the best clothing you should opt for is probably a thick wetsuit which can keep you warm even when you fall into the cold water.

The good thing about paddle boarding is that you can do it anytime during the year as long as you know what to wear and what gear to bring with you.

what SUP suit that you will probably need

1. Wetsuit

A wetsuit offers you with thermal protection and uses your body as the source of heat. A wetsuit is made with a special layer of material which allows a small amount of water to fill in the suit when you get into the water. And the water will warm up thanks to the heat of your body. This layer of water is why it’s called a wetsuit. A wetsuit can keep you warm in cold temperature and insulated when you fall in. Spring is warm most of the time in the UK but the sea is still very cold so a wetsuit is still a great option for paddle boarding in Spring.

A high-quality wetsuit can be expensive. If you won't be using it a lot, then it makes more sense to just rent one when you need. If you need to rent a high-quality wetsuit, be sure to check out Triwetsuithire. It's a UK-based hire company focused on top-quality sports equipment, apparel and accessories.

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wetsuit for paddleboarding in uk

2. Drysuit

Drysuits are more suited to extremely cold weather because they can prevent water from coming in contact with your skin. A drysuit uses air as an insulator against the cold water. If you are going to be paddling on extremely cold water, sometimes a drysuit is not enough to keep you warm. It’s recommended you wear something underneath the drysuit to keep your body warm because air is not exactly the best insulator in such condition.

sup suit

3. Swim wear

Even though you can paddle all year round and paddle boarding in winter sounds like an easy and interesting thing to do, but I believe most people would still prefer to put their paddleboards aside in winter and get out on the water in summer. If that’s what you’re going to be doing, then you’ll probably only need your swimwear. And sunscreen is always needed. If swimming is part of your plan, be sure to use waterproof sunscreens.

sup suit

4. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are necessary for paddle boarding on a sunny day in the UK. The sun reflecting off the surface of the water can be very bright and uncomfortable for your eyes. But be careful not to drop them because the odds of you getting them back after dropping them in the water is fairly low.

sunglasses for paddle boarding

5. Water resistant sunscreen

Paddle boarding in the UK in Summer is all about keeping yourself cool and protecting yourself from the sun. And sunscreen is a great option for protection against the sunlight. Always put on sunscreen if you are going to be paddling under direct sunlight to protect your skin.

sup suit

6. Rash vest

Rash vests are usually worn underneath the wetsuit to prevent the wetsuit from rubbing against your skin. And it can also be worn for sun protection because some of the rash vests are UPF 50+.

sup suit

If you are a beginner, we would suggest that you wait until summer to try paddle boarding in UK because otherwise you’ll have to get all those gear in order to paddle comfortably. But If you are really into SUPing and want to do it all year round, there are some necessary equipment you can’t paddle without. If you have yet to get an inflatable SUP board, get it now and get out there to have fun and you'll know why so many people's in love with the sport now.

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