Why SUP is Suitable for People of All Ages - Paddle Boarding Age Limit

If you are ever stuck for an activity for the whole family, try paddle boarding. It’s one of the best family activities you can have on weekends or vacations. It doesn’t just get widespread around the world and become one of the most popular water sports for no reason.

Taking your kids out to the water might not be the safest activity you can have with them, but by going paddle boarding, you can share an inflatable stand up paddle board with your kids and this way, both of you can have fun with the sport. And it’s kind of hard to find a sport that the elder can enjoy, but paddle boarding is the kind of sport that they would find enjoyable.

For paddle boarding age isn't a limit. Since it’s a low-impact sport, you won’t have to worry about the elderly or the kids getting injured doing the sport. And you can have a leisure day out on the water after going through a busy week. If you can’t successfully get your family to get on the paddle board with you, here are a few things you can point out to them to get them out on the water.

Why for paddle boarding age isn't a limit

  1. Stand up paddle boarding is super easy to master

Believe it or not, paddle boarding is actually very easy to learn. There’s basically no learning curve. Most people, including old people and kids, are able to learn the basic SUP skills pretty quickly.

If you don’t know how to paddle board, just go online and you can easily find literally thousands of videos showing you basic skills of stand up paddle boarding. Basically there are two major skills for a rookie stand up paddle boarder, one is the balancing skills on the paddleboard and the other is how to use the paddle properly.

To be fair, for certain people, it might take time to learn how to balance on a paddleboard. But with a little practice, it shouldn’t be a problem. And the paddling part is easy. As long as you know how to hold the paddle and how to perform a stroke correctly, you are good. If you are afraid of your family having a problem learning how to paddle board in the beginning, take them to a calm body of water and get a wide paddle board.

The wider the board the easier it is to balance. And make sure they have the leash on properly and put on a life jacket before they master the craft. Falling would be common but it's part of the fun.

paddle boarding age

  1. It’s beneficial to your health and the health of your family

It strikes most people as a recreational activity, but it actually has a lot of health benefits that usually come with intense workouts or sports. For one, it exercises and strengthens your core. It’s very beneficial to not only adults but also kids and the elderly. And it’s achieved via casual paddling.

Of course, if you paddle more intensely, it will better exercise your body. But even a leisure session of paddle boarding is able to give you a decent workout session. And it’s good enough for both the kids and the old since it’s low-impact and easy.

It’s also a great way to release stress and relax your mind. While on the water, you are relieved from whatever that’s troubling you. You might propose a little racing game to make things even more interesting. You should be able to completely void your mind and just have fun.

paddle boarding age

  1. A stand up paddle board can be used by people of different ages for different activities

You can use a stand up paddle board for different things. Casual stand up paddle boarding, fishing, racing, SUP yoga, and more. If your family member enjoys doing different things, the paddle board can suit most of their needs. You can do all these activities with one paddle board, but there are also paddle boards designed for specific activities.

You can find a SUP yoga board, a fishing paddle board, or other boards for the activity you love. They even offer women paddleboard for the ladies. Also, a SUP board can be used on different bodies of water. If you like surfing in the ocean, you can do it. If you prefer to cruise down a river, no problem. Like a little excitement and want to paddle on whitewater? An inflatable SUP board still has you covered.

 paddle boarding age

If you like paddle boarding age won't be an issue. Stand up paddle boarding is the kind of sport that doesn’t have an age limit. No matter if you are a 5-year-old in kindergarten or a sixty-year-old who just retired, you should be able to do it with no problem and have fun. With that said, you can take your entire family with you and go out on the water to enjoy the amazing sport. I’m sure everyone is going to love it.

There are a lot of wonderful places to go paddle boarding around the world. If you live in California, try paddle boarding in San Diego. The place’s got some wonderful SUP spots that are not only suitable for paddle boarding but also sightseeing.

There are also some wonderful places for paddle boarding in Austin if you live in Texas. Actually, you can take your SUP board to almost any bodies of water around you and have a great time. Be sure to get the best stand up paddle board like the Goosehill inflatable SUP board to enjoy the best SUP experience possible.

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