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What to Wear Paddle Boarding in the UK - SUP Suit
Learn what to wear for paddle boarding in the UK in this post.
How to Turn Your Inflatable SUP Board Into A Kayak
Check out how to convert an inflatable SUP board into a kayak in this article.
How to Repair A SUP Board Puncture - SUP repair
This post shows you how to repair a puncture on your SUP board.
Best SUP Apps You Can Use - Paddle Board Apps
Here are some of the best apps for paddle boarding you can use to improve your paddling experience.
Best Blow Up Paddle Boards Review 2023 - Goosehill SUP
If you wonder what a blow up paddle board is or if a blow up paddle board is the same thing as an inflatable SUP board, check out this post to find the answer.
Paddle Board Setup - Get Ready to Paddle
Here's How to set up your paddle board and start your very first SUP journey quickly.
SUP Forward Stroke - How to Do It Correctly
This post shows you a basic paddle boarding technique - how to take a forward stroke.
Top 5 Gifts for SUP Enthusiasts
Top 5 gifts you can give to a paddle boarding enthusiast.
What Are Some Basic SUP Equipment to Get

One of the reasons why stand-up paddleboarding can get so popular in such a short time is that it’s actually a pretty simple sport. There aren’t many things needed for you to get out on the water and the skills are fairly easy to master as well.

The most important thing is to keep yourself safe and comfortable on your paddle board when you are just starting to paddle. And to do that, you are going to need some basic SUP equipment.

How To Find The Right SUP Paddle Length - SUP Tips
This post shows beginners how to find the right height for their paddle for different SUP activities.
Die schönsten Orte für das Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Deutschland
Das Stand Up Paddeln hat sich in den letzten Jahren zu einer der beliebtesten Wassersportarten in Deutschland entwickelt. Im Sommer gibt es bei den Badeseen immer mehr Menschen, die dieser schönen Freizeitbeschäftigung nachgehen. Man hat dabei die Möglichkeit, sich entweder...
Practical Tips for Winter Paddle Boarding
This article shows you some important tips for going paddle boarding in Winter.
SUP Fitness Basics-How to Prepare for Paddle Boarding
In this post you will find the information you need to know before you start your SUP fitness session on the water.
Everything You Need to Know About SUP Drafting
SUP drafting is a SUP technique every paddler should know. This post shows you everything you should know about SUP drafting.
How to Improve Your SUP Race Performance - SUP Tips
This post shows you some necessary skills to improve your performance in SUP races.
SUP Safety Tips for Paddling Alone That You Must Know
Safety tips you should know when going paddle boarding by yourself.
How to Catch Your First Wave on A SUP - SUP Surfing

Learn how to catch your first wave with a SUP board in this post.

Choosing the Right Inflatable Paddle Board for SUP Races - Racing SUPs Reviews
If you want to compete in a SUP race, the first thing to do is picking the right race board for it. This post shows you how to pick a SUP race board that's suitable for yourself.
Stand Up Paddle Board Gear Checklist - SUP Equipment
Learn what you should bring to your SUP trip when going paddleboarding for the first time in this post.
Family Stand Up Paddle Boarding What You Should Know
Learn necessary safety tips for when you go stand up paddle boarding with the whole family.
SUP Beginner Tips - How to Stand Up on Your SUP
This post shows beginners of paddle boarding how to stand up on your paddle board the first time you ride a SUP board.

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