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4 Safety Tips for paddle board beginner
Safety is something to keep in mind in paddle boarding, especially for beginners. But it's always neglected. Here are some safety tips of stand up paddle boarding to keep in mind if you are a rookie paddle boarder.
What is the most popular water sport in Santa Barbara, California
Santa Barbara is one of the best cities for outdoor lovers to live in. If you like paddle boarding Santa Barbara can offer you different SUP experiences. Other popular activities include surfing, hiking, biking, and golfing, etc. Places to check out include but not limited to Channel Islands National Park, Santa Ynez Mountains, and Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens, etc.
One Day at Byron Bay - Byron Bay Paddle Boarding
Byron Bay is a great place for spending your holiday or vacation. If you are planning a one-day trip to Byron Bay, here's what we recommend you do. Start with breakfast in a local restaurant, and then walk down the beach and go visit the rainforest to enjoy nature's beauty. Also go paddle boarding by the beach.
What You Actually Need to Go Camping
This article shows you what equipments and stuff you need to take when you go camping in Perth, Australia.
6 Reasons Why You Should Try Paddle Boarding
Paddle boarding is a new sport that has been attracting participants of all ages constantly. A lot of people wondered why it's such a good sport that attracts so many attention. Here we've come up with 6 reasons why you should try paddle boarding.
7 Tips For Paddle Boarding At Night
Paddle boarding can not only be done in the daytime, night paddle boarding is also a good way to enjoy the sport. But since it's in the dark, you won't see as clearly as in the daytime, so preparations need to be done in order to have a safe night paddling session. Here are several useful tips for night paddle boarding for you to follow.
Top 5 Whitewater Paddling Safety Tips - Goosehill SUP
Paddle boarding is exciting, challenging as well as dangerous. If you want to take on white water paddle boarding without putting yourself in danger, here are a few tips of whitewater paddleboarding  you should know.
Paddleboarding-the fastest way to burn calories - Goosehill SUP
Paddle boarding is considered by most people as a recreational activity. But in actuality, it also could be an effective way to help you burn calories. Different SUP activities can help burn a different amount of calories. If you want more calories burned paddle boarding is a great sport for that.
6 Practical Stand Up Paddle Board Storage Ideas
This article shows you some pracital paddle board storage ideas to help you solve your SUP board storage problem. A paddle board storage rack is a great option. Other than a sup board storage rack, you can also use a bag to wrap it during winter. There are also other options, see it in this post.
Is Paddle Boarding A Good Workout?
Is paddle boarding a good workout? If you want to work out effectively, paddleboarding is a good way to go. Stand up paddleboarding workout can exercise your legs, arms, shoulders and core muscles. It's also beneficial to your cardiovascular system. Paddle boarding as a workout could be better than a lot of other exercises.
Health Benefits of Paddle Boarding You Might Not Know
Paddle boarding is a fun sport that brings a lot of health benefits. It's one of the reasons why it's been so welcome by people of all ages. This post shows you the top 5 health benefits of paddle boarding that you might not know before.
Stand Up Paddle Board vs Kayak-Which One is Better for Fishing
If you like fishing, here are two new ways for you to fish: SUP fishing and kayak fishing. There are various differences between them and here in this article, we would show you the major differences.
Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Paddle Boarding
Paddle boarding is not just a water sport. It comes with some physical and mental benefits that will have a significant and positive impact on your body and your mental state. Here's what the physical and mental benefits of paddle boarding are.
Top Tips for Paddle Boarding to Help You Paddle Like a Pro
This post shows you some useful paddle boarding tips on how to paddle board like a professional paddler. The tips can help you improve your stand up paddle boarding skills and your performance.
How to Take Good Care of Your SUP - Paddle Board Maintenance
You can have a lot of fun on a SUP board. After paddleboarding, it's important to take good care of your SUP board to keep it in good condition for future use. Learn how to take good care of your SUP in this post.
Paddle Board Fishing - The Best Way To Go Fishing On 2022
SUP fishing is a new way of fishing and if you like fishing, you should totally consider giving this a try. There are a few things you should know before trying paddle board fishing. This post will show you everything you need to know about SUP fishing.
What to Wear for Paddle Boarding - SUP Wear Ultimate Guide
Paddle boarding is easy and enjoyable for skilled or experienced riders but not so much for beginners. It's not hard but falling is inevitable for SUP beginners. So you should know what to wear to help you better get through the beginning of your SUP session.
Things to Take For A SUP Adventure - Paddle Board Accessories
There are some necessary gears and items you should bring when heading out for a paddle boarding adventure. They will help make the journey easier and more enjoyable for you.
How to Paddle Board with Your Dog - Goosehill SUP

If you enjoy paddle boarding just as you love your pup, just take her on board with you. What can bring more fun than to take your pup along with you as your ride on your paddle board?


Top 5 funs activities on paddle board - Paddle Boarding Benefits
Paddleboarding comes with a lot of benefits. If you have not to give it a serious shot, you are missing out on a lot of fun benefits. SUP yoga, touring and fishing is some of the common benefits. Additionally, a regular paddler is also as fit as a fiddle. Indeed, when you buy a paddle board, you get entertainment, exploration, exercise, and fun on the water that you can't get elsewhere.
Safety Tips for Paddleboarding This Summer - Paddle Boarding Safety
Stand up paddle boarding's popularity has soared across the rivers, lakes, canals and just about any water body out there. As many people find this water sport thrilling, it goes without saying that safety is often overlooked. Knowing how to paddle board is not enough to keep you safe when you paddle. It is important that you don't get too excited for it and consider safety precautions before heading out. Before starting, we shall look at weather conditions, safety gear, along with other safety measures to take during paddle boarding.

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