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Inflatable Stand up paddle board Sailor info 

We created an ultra-lightweight inflatable SUP board to make things easier and more enjoyable for lovers of the sport.

The Goosehill Sailor inflatable stand up paddle board is light enough for even kids to carry it without a problem.

It’s super compact when deflated and packed inside a backpack, very easy to store and transport.

Its performance is above average for $399.

features of sailor inflatable stand up paddle board

Why You Should Choose the Goosehill :

  • The new enhanced layer contributes to the creation of a super lightweight inflatable paddleboard.
  • The excellent transportability makes it easy for stand up paddle boarders to take it anywhere they want.
  • Decent speed/performance on the water thanks to the ultra-lightweight layer and construction.
  • At $399, the Goosehill Sailor iSUP board is one of the best inflatable stand up paddle boards you can find on the market.


We use a strong, laminated layer to keep the board lightweight and durable at the same time. And because of our effort, we are able to make an inflatable paddleboard that's faster and more efficient than the average paddleboards.

Compared to other traditional inflatable stand up paddleboards, it has a stronger body, faster speed, and a more reasonable price tag.

 accessories of sailor inflatable paddle board

Want to enjoy your time on the water but don’t want your paddleboard to be a burden?

Looking for a high-quality stand-up paddleboard that doesn’t cost a fortune?

The Goosehill Sailor Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is the perfect choice for hours of fun on the water!!

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goosehill ISUP is One of the best way of relaxation

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    Ask a Question
    • How long does it take to hand pump it to fully inflated?

      It takes about five minutes to inflate with the included pump.   If you like your board to be firm, you can pump it up to 15psi.   you can also check this review for your reference.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzzxiP5UJbE&t=87s

    • What's the weigh limit. For users?

      As the specifications, the max payload for our board is 200~250KG. We think normally max weight for a single person is always lower than the max payload. You can check the video on our social channel for two people paddle on our board. That should give you a reference. And also you can check more videos on our channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96CcJskLgAc Instagram: @goosehillsup

    • what's the difference between Rainbow R and Sailor?

      The net weight of the Sailor is 9.3kg, which is ultra-lightweight by inflatable SUP standards, while the Rainbow R weighs 10.3kg.
      Thanks to the lightweight, Sailor is able to surpass Rainbow R in terms of speed and transportability and is more suitable for ladies and kids.
      But Rainbow R is more stable and stronger than Sailor.
      If you only use an Inflatable SUP board for flatwater paddling or other recreational purposes, Sailor would do just fine.
      The Rainbow R is more versatile so if you want to challenge yourself to more complicated usages of the board like SUP yoga, whitewater paddling or SUP fishing, the Rainbow R might be the better choice here.