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Paddleboarding is the kind of sport that you can do all year round if you want. While most people prefer to go paddleboarding in Summer and take breaks in Winter, there are those who would like to challenge themselves by riding their SUPs in Winter. It is challenging, fun and dangerous if you can’t find a suitable spot for it. Here are several excellent spots for you to go paddleboarding in Winter in America.

Best Winter Paddle Boarding Spots in the US

Monterey, California

Monterey is the ultimate tourist area that's great for shopping, beautiful sights, and golfing. Whether it is a weekend gateway or a month-long vacation, Monterey has its fair share of highs. Head over to Carmel Bay and you’ll find sandy waters to be easy to launch and great for beginners as well. Surf north and you’ll get the chance to view the amazing Pebble Beach Golf course from a unique perspective.

 Monterey, California winter paddle boarding

The Wharf is also another great winter spot to paddleboard in. You’ll get to see several marine life as you come face to face with the falling coastline. The place might be a little difficult to launch and you might have to start at Point Lobos State Park to start your paddle journey.

Key West, Florida

Those who fancy warm weather during winter should definitely consider Key West. The forest is a nice place to view manatees or probably stingrays across the beach. Since these creatures are properly protected, most areas will have tour guides educating you about the spot’s ecosystem. The mangrove forest, in particular, will be blocking you away from cold, harsh winds.

 Key West, Florida winter paddle boarding

On the flip side, check with your first aid kits for some necessary supplies including bug spray as mosquitoes are regular members within the area. Expect to see interesting sea life like mangrove crabs, white and green herons, upside-down jellyfish, horseshoe crabs, and manatees.

Havasu, Arizona

The state is well known for its warm lakes and Lake Havasu is the biggest lake in the state, known for its popular party nature. If you just want to paddle board in warm weather in winter rather than trying winter paddle boarding, this is the place to be. There are other lakes as well, including Lake Saguaro, which might be a little tough for beginners and the Canyon Lake, stretching up to 28 miles of cactus covered shoreline.

Havasu, Arizona winter paddle boarding

You could also, head over to the 1,100ft tall Hoover Dam as you launch at Kingman Wash. Almost all lakes demand a $6 Tonto Pass to paddle or just access any of the spots within the Tonto National Forest.

Salmon Bay, Seattle

Seattle, the coffee-crazed state offers great places for winter paddle boarding including Ballard Elks Club Beach leading you straight to the West Point Lighthouse. Discovery Park is another area great for some solitude paddling, as the views are breathtaking. Expect to see several islands, Mt Baker, Mt Rainier, or the Olympic Mountains.

Salmon Bay, Seattle winter paddle boarding

You can hire SUPs in Salmon Bay and even though the waters here might turn out a little chilly during winter, it is a nice place to paddleboard. Just remember to keep warm with hoodies, wetsuits, life vests, gloves, and extra pairs of tees.

For experienced SUPers, surfing Freightliner is a huge plus as they always leave three-minute waves that you can play with. Just remember to monitor the surf at online sites and check for shipping routes at the bay. If that’s too much then just ask around any of the SUP hiring companies and they’ll be glad to show you where the waves are hitting. The good thing about these companies is that they also offer guided tours and during winter, it isn’t that crowded.

Paddle boarding is one of the best all-season sports. Actually, it's highly recommended you go paddle boarding as much as you can because it's very good for your health. There are some health benefits of paddleboarding that make the sport worth trying. The SUP board you use play an important role in the paddling experience. Get a Goosehill SUP board or boards from other trusted brands to ensure you have the best experience.


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